A Message to RCMP

Feb 17, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

Justin Trudeau is the “Premier” of a commercial corporation. Nothing more. Every single “person” who elected him is “presumed to be” a foreign corporation shareholder-citizen who purportedly –without them even knowing it — gave him their proxy to control their interests in the corporation.

This corporation which has existed in various forms and operated under various names as for example, CANADA, INC. and Canada, Inc. and the Commonwealth of Canada, Inc., etc., and it’s Territorial and Municipal franchises doing business as, for example, City of Ottawa, Inc. and OTTAWA, INC., have lost any character or nature as a sovereign government. By accepting and operating under corporation charters these organizations have all devolved and now operate under exactly the same limitations as, for example, Target, Inc., or JC PENNY, INC. or Pepsico, Inc., or LOCKHEED, INC.

Mr. Trudea is operating as a middle manager of this corporation, taking his instructions from foreign creditors of his corporation. He is selling out the people of Canada and taking kickbacks from drug companies in a very simple racket. Acting as the “Premier” of the corporation, he buys “vaccines” — which contain no coronavirus but plenty of other gunk — at an exorbitant price using public funds. The drug companies then kickback part of the profits from this to the corporation.

So the corporation makes a fat profit, which the people of Canada pay for, and Mr. Trudeau gets to use this as a Slush Fund for himself and his cronies. That is what is actually going on here.

He also pretends to have authority as your Boss, when he has no such authority and was granted no such middleman position by the people of Canada — ever. You, the RCMP work for the people of Canada, not CANADA, INC.

CANADA, INC. may print your paycheck, but it’s the people that pay it. Pay attention to who your real employers are, or you will all be looking for new jobs.

Trudeau, like Biden, has acted in fraud, under color of law, has presented himself as an elected public official when he is not, has usurped upon the National Government he is supposed to serve, and has committed capital level international crimes against Canada and the Canadian people by promoting and enriching himself and the corporation he works for via an illegal and unlawful political status conversion scheme, pretending that all these people have “voluntarily” chosen to be Wards of the State, when they are actually the Employers of the State.

It should go without saying that no corporation and no corporation official enjoys State Immunity of any kind.

You, RCMP, are all Territorial Government Employees operating under the same basic scheme as has been employed by the Territorial U.S. Government in America. Read what their District of Columbia Federal Code freely admits at 22 USCA 286(e) and realize that the exact same provisions will be found somewhere in your own Territorial Code, because the facts stated therein are universally true and apply to all international governments and functions.

Your duty and due diligence requires you to determine, actually and factually, who you work for, and it is not Justin Trudeau or his corporation. That corporation long ago went rogue and began preying upon its customers and employers.

It’s your duty and the duty of the Canadian Military to arrest these Pretenders and get to the bottom of their fraudulent claim of powers and authorities.

We note that no “Emergency Powers” were ever granted to the actual Canadian Government and a mere commercial subcontractor cannot claim to have any, either.

Likewise, there isn’t any authority for any government ever created in Canada to address the health of members of the General Public and mandate anything about their health, much less any basis in Public Law for ordering people to wear masks or take unspecified mystery injections.
According to the Nuremberg Code to which you are all liable, no such injections can be ordered or enforced on anyone without their fully informed consent.

Nobody can give any fully informed consent to the current injections because the manufacturers have not disclosed the contents or purposes of the injections. Period.

Get off your asses and move or you will be considered criminals and accomplices of these Vermin.

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