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June, 27, 2021

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

The following missive was sent out this morning in an effort to put a stop to assumptions that people have had to the effect that they will all be receiving and have control of “billions” of dollars simply because there are public trusts being held in their private names. This is not the case.

People need to realize that the gains from this present system of things have all been ill-gotten gains that employed criminal means to extract and deploy these assets. What we, Americans, are all owed, immediately, is release from debt and any presumption of debt. This is our private relief.

What we are owed in the longer term is settlement of the public asset recoupment — the return of our property and settlement regarding the ill-gotten gains obtained from it. This is our public relief.

So please read this with a better understanding of how this dissolution of illegal public trust interests has to be handled on a step-by-step basis and why. Please note— when I am told that I approved something that I am unfamiliar with, I am bound to be concerned, especially when the topic (bonds) is something that I know to be a fecund source of legal actions and imprisonments and garnishments. Our purpose, as a government, is to protect our people and their assets —- and a great many people think that bonds are valuable without realizing the servitude that bonds represent. They also imagine that credit is the same as money, when it’s not.

How then, do we propose to address the extremely complex issues being presented by these public-private labor bond issues (issued in our names), compounded by the use of a fiat monetary system, when people don’t even know what money is, what a bond is, what a public interest is, and so on and on? I trust that we all know that the present interest in “bonds” generally is being fueled by an innocent self-interest and assumption that we own these bonds and can cash them out safely like matured savings bonds. That is not the case.

These are complex international bonds that are, strictly speaking, illegal instruments. Securitization of living flesh, identity theft, and impersonation, followed by barratry and various kinds of insurance fraud are all crimes—- and one must be very careful and astute when establishing and exercising liens against ill-gotten gains.

Those who are issuing bonds in our names are ultimately responsible, not us, so it is the relief from debt that we are owed, not the proceeds or profits from an illegal act—- which is an entirely separate issue, and that is one of the biggest conundrums that we face as we are trying to unravel this.

That is why the Vendor Cards which release people from debt are the first things to be pursued in terms of bringing relief, not a settlement of the bonds per se. And that is, generally speaking, why I don’t teach much about bonds. It’s a very sticky wicket for people to navigate individually and for their own sake and safety, I advise them not to try.

I am, right now, myself, in negotiation with the Vatican Chancery Court to settle the debts and bonds accrued to my Proper Name as a test case. I have authorized the offset of the Federal Reserve Notes issued in my name and the return of the pre-paid credit balance as lawful money to our American International Trade Bank. This conversion is only possible for Americans and is another one of the reasons that people shouldn’t be messing around with this.

Please note that the net result of this is “public interest money” because an illegal “public trust” is being dissolved; the plan I have developed is to place this ill- gotten gain in our American International Trade Bank as an asset to benefit all Americans and fund our lawful government and provide grants (without usury) for new development.

The benefit to me individually is to be free of debt, and the benefit to the public is to have a fully funded government (no taxation ever again) and a large stockpile of credit and actual money available to disperse for lawful and peaceful purposes—- building homes, taking care of the sick and young and elderly, etc., etc., etc.

This application of the ill-gotten gains does not involve me, individually and personally, in receiving or having control of the $11.7 Billion owed to the public trust bearing my name, and I fear that some people are innocently promoting the idea that each and every American is going to receive and have “billions of dollars” to spend and control, just because there is an illegal public trust held in their name.

That’s not what is happening and that is not even what CAN happen. If that kind of “personal settlement” were on offer, the entire world economy would collapse overnight and result in the death of billions of innocent people.

The Vatican will be happy to discharge the debts in fiat money, but that is not what we are actually owed— and in the process, a great many people could be additionally cheated by being “paid” with their own credit —- again, which, as you will recall, is the result of the Phil Hudok arbitration process, if they try to settle things themselves.

For these and additional reasons related to the punitive measures that accrue when trying to settle debts and profits resulting from actions which are crimes in the present era, and which moreover, represent the interests of unauthorized public trusts—— I have been very careful about opening this can of worms.

These are not “simple” labor bonds. These bonds involve the entire bollux-cluster resulting from the unlawful conversion to fiat money and the registration of Americans as British and Municipal citizens, and the entanglement of public and private debt interests on a worldwide basis—– it’s the difference between a pet turtle and Godzilla.

Viewed from this perspective, I think it is obvious why neither I nor the Assemblies want the liability of teaching a Bonds 101 Course and having people doing what XXXXX did—assuming that I put the stamp of approval on it and that it is therefore safe to pursue settlement of these bonds on an individual basis. It’s not. Winston Shrout stands as a shining example of why it’s not simple, not easy. and not recommended for Mom and Pop.

When we are involved, willingly and knowingly, or in a complete blur—- with backing public debts with private assets, and using unauthorized public trusts to do it —- we are messing with “ill-gotten gains” and the only ones available to settle the debt are: (1) the governments responsible for the situation and (2) the governments who aren’t responsible for the situation, both acting in venues where living people have no standing whatsoever.

So if you want to educate people about bonds, by all means, find a good course and learn —- but with the proviso that: (1) I am not involved in approving courses that I am totally unfamiliar with; (2) the Assemblies are not liable for any use of the information by individuals; (3) that these are very complex issues and it is not recommended for people to interject themselves as individuals, because they will accrue individual liability and may end up in jail.

The safe, sure, and immediate route is to pursue debt release and that is what I am doing as the Fiduciary. The longer term answer is to settle the bonds one-by- one and attach the profits to our banks as damages owed to all of us, en masse, and administering the receipts as such. It’s going to be an accounting nightmare and a constant threat to the world economy, but there is no other way out of it.

We are living in an era of unprecedented corruption, confusion, and deceit.

Criminals are in charge of corporations masquerading “as” governments. Bands of paid “private security personnel” are being paid to oppress the people of this country, using the people’s own money and credit to do it.

For the most part, those taking part in this “system” are ignorant, greedy, and violent —- and they make money from injustice. They are charging the Public Purse between $6000 and $9000 a day per prisoner. Do I need to emphasize that we are not out of the woods on Main Street, simply because we are making headway in Geneva?

I am concerned about the liability of in any way encouraging people to dabble in bond recoupment, and I am concerned about the possible results for our people, and I am concerned that nobody said one word to me about any of this (training about bonds). I had to hear about it from XXXXXX, and in this instance, I am glad that she spoke up—- and I am concerned about the assumptions and ideas that are being spread to the effect that we are all richer than Midas and that we are all going to have billions of dollars in our individual accounts to spend.

That is not what is happening and for reasons that should be obvious, that cannot be allowed to happen, either. People in this country would be paying out five million “dollars” for a loaf of bread and the rest of the world would starve if that were the case.

So— please—- think. Carefully. The object of this entire effort is to protect living people and improve their lives and the quality of life and abundance of life on this planet. It is not about digits and it is not about “self”. Those who seek money for money’s sake seek a dead idol that offers only death in return.

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