Brush Fires or Arsonists — My New Year’s Address

Thursday, December 31, 2020

By Anna Von Rietz

First, I want to thank all those reading this for taking the time.

Next, I want to challenge everyone to prove this quote wrong:  “Americans are so stupid they will destroy themselves just to appear smart and virtuous.”

We don’t need to be smart to see through the hoaxes and lies. If you can keep your kids from raiding the cookie jar, you are up to speed.

And virtue depends on doing the right thing for the right reasons. The real thing often requires us to do the opposite from what “everyone else” is doing— at least, at first.

Like not wearing masks and not getting vaccinated.

Third, I want all my friends and critics, too, to think about their focus as we move into 2021.

Every photographer knows that if you focus on a leaf, you get a picture of a leaf, and if you focus on a tree, you get a picture of a tree…..and guess what happens if you focus on a forest?

What you see depends on where you focus your attention.

Every magician makes his living because of this.

While he is waving his white-gloved hands over the empty hat, the rabbit is already in position….. sitting there, munching away, bored.

And so it is today, that we are presented with all sorts of distractions and brush fires — the virus, the election, the Chinese, the monetary system, Black Lives Matter, the stock market antics and on and on. 

These are the white-gloved hands waving around, so that you focus your attention on them.

So, knowing that, turn away and look elsewhere.

That’s not the show.  The real show is entirely different and happening elsewhere.

The actual important action has nothing to do with any of these media-extravaganza brush fires, and most of the heroes working to save you and your country will be unsung.  As well as unpaid.

The actual “show” is the one you play in your minds and hearts, it’s embodied in your reactions, your ideas, and your beliefs. So believe in what is true, and what is good.  Go to your Happy Place.  Turn on your Shinola Sensor and cruise.

Notice that China isn’t the problem.  It’s those who are paying China with one hand and trying to abuse and cheat China with the other.

The Common Cold is more infectious thanks to these rats, but so what?  It’s your reaction that gives it — and them — any special power.

Notice that white is a color.  Yes, we are “people of color”, too.  Who knew?

Notice that political parties are foreign lobbying groups, here at our trough.

Notice that the “government” isn’t really a government.

Notice that all the elections are crooked, not just this one.

It’s not the brush fires we need to worry about.  It’s the arsonists– those who have created all these “institutions” and sideshows and have profited from them worldwide.

Wake up, dear hearts, and as 2021 dawns, resolve to take your stand with the Truth, come what may.  Pick up your courage and find your peace.  Declare your birthright political status.  Join your State Assembly. 

Pull your oar and be blessed.

Your actual government is here, plugging away.  Our Ship of State may be old, but she is sea-worthy.  Many Americans have returned home to the land and soil and more are on the way.  There is much for us to be grateful for, and much more to do.

If you can pray, pray.

If you can afford to volunteer, do.  

If you can afford a donation, please put the wind in our sails.

Our PayPal is: [email protected]

Our Snail Mail is: Anna Maria Riezinger, in care of Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska, 99652,

Thank you, all of you, who have contributed in all these ways in the past year, and bless your efforts, and ours, in the coming year.

Happy 2021!

Love you!


Source: Brush Fires or Arsonists — My New Year’s Address PDF

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