“Christian” Death Cults

Feb 20, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

Those of you who have been following along with my own quest for truth about Christianity know that I have been a conventional Christian, a Lutheran, for the greater part of my life.

This changed when I discovered a Black Market engaged in buying, selling and trading Baptismal Certificates. My Shinola Sensor went off like a fire alarm.

Now, you have to understand that the bulk of my life I have studied religion as well as history and law, because these are inextricably connected; however, that is not the kind of study –not a criminal investigation– such as I embarked upon after the Black Market in Souls discovery.

All the incorporated churches I investigated issue Baptismal Certificates as clearinghouse receipts and make money off them, just as the Queen’s Territorial Government makes money off Birth Certificates. One claims to warehouse the body, the other claims to warehouse the soul.

This repugnant corruption began centuries ago in the Roman Catholic Church and has spread from there to all the incorporated churches. Like the Indulgences scandal that set Martin Luther off, where the Church was giving wealthy patrons Free Passes to sin in exchange for hefty donations, this trade is both fraudulent and immoral.

Then there was the whole discussion about Blood Oaths and the hidden Blood Oath sworn as The Apostle’s Creed before Communion. It is an oath and it is sealed with the blood represented by the Communion wine. So here we have billions of Christians swearing blood oaths and not having a clue what they are doing — and the fact that the swearing of oaths, much less blood oaths, is prohibited throughout the Bible.

Once one steps back and looks at it, the Communion set up also reeks of ritual cannibalism: drinking the blood and eating the body? Hello? The Roman Catholic Doctrine of Transubstantiation goes so far as to teach people that the wine in the Communion Cup magically turns into Jesus’s real blood. And then there was the whole “Christ” narrative. Christ means “The Anointed One” — but when do we ever talk about any anointing? I went to church for fifty years and never once heard a single sermon on the subject, yet this is what gave us the name of the whole religion? This title, “Christ”, turns Jesus into an office-holder, a ‘person’— and anyone who reads the Bible knows that God is no respecter of persons….

There is even the name of the Bible itself — The Holy Bible literally translates as “The Sun Book” — yet when did any Hebrew worship the sun? The Egyptians worshiped the sun, and the Canaanites (Phoenicians), too, but not the Hebrews. So whose book is this that we are reading?

And then, there is the ghastly crucifix. If Jesus (Joshua in English) was taken down from the cross and rose from the dead, why is he still left hanging there like a piece of dead meat throughout Catholic iconography? Why dwell on suffering and death instead of joy and eternal life — unless “Christianity” is a death cult?

Let’s not forget all the gruesome “holy relics” either, scattered throughout the known world, bits and pieces of saints preserved as skeletal fingers, mummies, severed heads and severed arms, full corpses in various states of decay, lying in state in glass coffins…. what is this, if not a death cult?

Let’s not forget the Council of Nicea where the canon roster of the accepted books of the Bible were selected and, as it turns out, the whole phony story of Constantine’s conversion. He never said a word about it until thirteen years after the battle where he had his purported “vision”. There’s not a single Christian symbol on Constantine’s Victory Arch commemorating that battle. Instead, there are eight priests of Mithras wearing Phrygian head dress.

Modern linguistic scholars agree that Saint Jerome most likely slipped in numerous misogynistic “Letters” attributed to the Apostle Paul, which were written and widely distributed as “Homages” to Paul by St. Jerome’s friend, Paul of Ephesus, a prolific preacher and writer who never ceased to promote the purported inferiority of women and the need to subdue them and make them obedient to male patriarchy.

The worship of Mithras, “the Son of the Sun” was popular among the Roman elites during Constantine’s time. They’d get together in an underground chamber and a priest wearing a spiky sun-rayed head dress pretending to be the solar god Mithras, would sacrifice a bull, so that its “eternal blood” would fertilize the universe.

Mithras was born on December 25th and is widely depicted with a halo around his head, reminiscent of all the icons of all the Saints. Once again, we see the same death-centered motif of sacrificing an innocent animal and drinking its blood that transposes to the sacrificial “lamb” and drinking his blood.

Always, it’s blood, blood, blood, blood, blood. When you dig deep, it becomes apparent that we’ve been sold another bill of goods by the same people that have undermined our government and enslaved us in the Land of the Free, using a mish-mashed scripture hand-selected and tweaked, added to, subtracted from, regurgitated and recast from all sorts of ancient sources, to serve Constantine’s real objective: gaining control of the pesky Early Church.

From “Peter’s Pence” collected on yearly incomes on April 15th every year by the Inquisition to fund “holy wars” — an oxymoron if there ever was one — to Saint Ignatius Loyola and “killing for Christ” — another oxymoron, the Roman Church has led not to peace, but to perdition. And it is against this backdrop that we hear about priests being engaged in the most despicable acts of pedophilia, sexual assault, and even child sacrifice.

Sadly, it’s a whole cloth. It all hangs together. It is what it is. From the phallic symbol obelisk in St. Peter’s square to the womb-like dome of the Basilica itself, what has passed for the “Christian” Religion and hidden itself behind the beautiful storefront of Jesus’s teachings, is a foreign, pagan, death cult, one that believes in duality instead of unity, one that uses sex as a sacrament, one that actively practices idolatry, one that has fallen from any state of grace.

In the early days after Constantine’s infiltration and conquest of the Church, through much of the Dark Ages, and well into the Middle Ages, there were mass suicides in the Christian Churches, as the members, fed up with this world and eager to get to Heaven, engaged in mass suicides. This is what led to suicide being declared a Mortal Sin. The Church was losing too much revenue and too many members.

That was the Roman Catholic Church’s answer to the problem of Christian Mass Suicides, but in other Churches that developed after the Reformation, no such stigma applied to suicide and the old specter reared its head, the most famous recent example being the Jonesville Massacre.

Most of us hearing about the Jonesville Massacre just shook our heads and figured Jim Jones was a complete and utter fruitcake, but in fact, he was following in the footsteps of many other preachers and Christian Congregations that chose to exit this world rather than continue to suffer its slings and arrows. Jones truly believed that he and his followers would all be better off in Heaven, and he was far from the first Christian Church leader to come to the same conclusion.

But, of course, no Christian leaders discussed this Dirty Little Secret of the Church. Nobody put it in its proper historical context. Nobody owned up to the logic of what was unleashed there.

So this, too, is how Christianity became a Death Cult, because it focuses all attention on what happens after we die, instead of what happens while we live. It talks about Heaven and how we all want to get there and how wonderful it will be — after we die. After we die, we will be healed and comforted. After we die, we will finally know why all these dreadful things happen to us.

Christians spend their entire lives waiting to go to Heaven and be with Jesus, a circumstance that keeps them from living and enjoying their lives in the present. The gift of life gets discounted, taken for granted, and all too often, wasted.

That is not what Jesus taught and that’s not what he wanted for us, when he said that he had come so that we could have life, and have it abundantly. He clearly valued life supremely, when he said that man has no greater love, than to give up his life for his friends.

I was ruminating about all these things and talking to a “Recovered Christian”, a woman who said, “It’s like waking up the morning after a date rape.” I knew what she meant. You go to church in search of Jesus, and find Satan waiting there instead. You seek the fountain of life, and find nothing but blood and death and sex and lies. So many fat, self-righteous white-washed tombs, taking up space in the nicest neighborhoods, doing nothing for the community, but enjoying all the tax benefits.

It turns out that the Sabbatean Frankists weren’t doing anything new. The only thing new is that they were Jews doing the same ugly, nasty things that the Christian Church had been doing for years behind closed doors. All this crap never came from the Zohar, not even the Talmud. It came from the Christian Church.

A friend sent me this film clip about Jonesville and what happened there. I want everyone to watch it and gain a greater understanding now that you can see it in the context of Christian History. Grieve for their loss. Grieve for what it says about this world and the way we treat each other.

Speaking of which, you will have to go to my website, http://annavonreitz.com/ to see the larger article that the film clip is part of, because the unlawful Censors at FB won’t allow free speech.

A more poignant and searing documentary memorial cannot be imagined. These were our brothers and sisters, our children. They were part of us and we lost them.

The precious teachings of Jesus matter, but they only matter if we take them to heart and put them into practice in our own lives.
All the liars and hypocrites in the world who call themselves “Christians” and practice evil, who contribute to making this planet a Hell Hole, will never sit down to dinner with him in his Kingdom, because they didn’t sit down to dinner with him in their own kitchen. Well and truly he will say, “Depart from me, you Evildoers! I never knew you.”

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