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Coronavirus – COVID-19 – Who benefits?


How could a virus travel around the world and impact all countries without affecting the two largest cities besides Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai? Since the Chinese government did not close the country on the first day of the virus’s discovery. If this virus is really dangerous and contagious as the media portrays it to be, then why has it not spread in all regions of China like wildfire, especially since China possesses one of the fastest and most modern transportation networks in the world!

Didn’t a single person travel from Wuhan to Beijing or Shanghai prior to the complete closure? This alleged virus was discovered in early December of 2019 and was not announced until the full closure which occurred at the end of January 2020. This was enough time for the virus to spread, as it was logical and expected that it would spread throughout China without control, and therefore there are only two possibilities: A) There is no virus called “COVID-19”, B) There is a virus, China is completely closed, and people are dying by the hundreds of thousands. How can we find out the truth?


Gradually, conventional war and its artillery are being replaced by psychological media warfare. The artillery this time are Corona viruses. It is impossible to believe that all this noise in the news is true; who deserves to be believed? Common sense or false news produced by media companies which are controlled by central banks and pharmaceutical companies? There is no doubt that there are Corona viruses and not just one virus, plenty of them, that’s not something new. Why is there all this media hype at this particular time? For years, influenza viruses have been constantly evolving. Why now? Besides, the media doesn’t want us to know the truth and the importance of viruses and germs’ continuous development. That’s crucial for the human immune system to be in continuous development as well, thus the human body acquires a strong immune system. That’s how things are measured in the world of evolution; there is no way for humanity to survive without evolution at all levels. Among the most important stages of human development is eating unprocessed, organic, healthy food, and interacting with the surrounding environment in all its aspects, including the risks of viruses and germs so that the immune system can recognize it and then deal with it.

Note: Some doctors are saying that the fifth generation of communication devices interfere and change the structure of oxygen and weaken the immune system through a high amount of radiation. Thus, with radiation, weakened immune systems, and insufficient oxygen might turn the corona virus into a 10-times-deadly-virus!


They are countless and also dangerous, the alleged “COVID-19” may be one of the most dangerous, but there is not enough and accurate information to prove the existence of a new influenza virus called “COVID-19”. Thousands of people die every day in all countries of the world due to various diseases, most notably influenza or the so-called Corona, and it is natural that deaths are recorded by doctors as a result of “COVID-19” virus as it is simply the most recent of influenza virus.

Influenza – every day, this virus kills thousands of people around the world! This is not something new, especially for the elderly and vulnerable such as those with a weakened immune system. There is nothing new about this topic, but what is new and dangerous is that there is no laboratory or microscopic examination that clearly, accurately and distinctly prove the existence of the so-called “COVID-19” among influenza viruses (Corona). So, we can say that all people around the world in general have types of Corona virus known as influenza, and if the governments were frank with their people, an independent study would have been found to prove to the world the existence of the “COVID-19” virus in a distinct and accurate way from the rest of the Corona family’s viruses. On the contrary, most of the reports circulating in the media talk about “COVID-19” virus based solely on a quote from the “World Health Organization” and there is no documented and conclusive scientific evidence by independent scientists that prove or deny the existence of a new influenza virus called “COVID-19”.


The culprit, let’s have a closer look at the relationship between the kings of the global stock market on one hand, the kings of central banks around the world on the other hand, the hype of “COVID-19”, and how the globalists elite were very interested in exploiting this pandemic for maximum control. Why? The global financial system is under unprecedented deflation since 2009, and there are numerous studies confirming that there is no escape from a global war as a way to get out of this impasse and deadly stagnation. They can’t wage a traditional bloody war anymore because of the nuclear power. Therefore, the media hype behind this virus, allowed the creation of a global fear around the world, which allowed them to engineer a global pandemic, hence forcing a global lockdown, and then creating a similar effect to a World War.

“The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.” Matt Taibbi (Award-winning investigative journalist)

You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning. - Andrew Jackson


One of the most important weapons of this global elite is its banking system. Spread around the world through central banks, printing money from nothing, and providing it in the form of loans to countries and companies. All in order to control and then remotely direct the policy of each country and every company separately. This elite represents the 1% of the world’s population and owns 99% of central banks, and the shares of global stock exchanges, which qualifies them to own different kinds of companies. For example, they own large shares in the Military Industrial Complex corporations, Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex corporations in all its aspects, especially the vaccines sector. In addition, they own a lot of shares in Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, CNN, MSNBC and all news channels and technology companies around the world. Among the most important things they own are stocks of technology companies, specifically the companies which develop the fifth generation of communications in China and America.


Through the lobby groups and businessmen in each country, they bribe government personnel when possible. They use the stock market to attract their victims and private banking to finance complicated networks of common interests between businessmen and the political class. Thus, they can easily market and implement their economic and political agendas at the expense of the freedom, democracy, and the ability of people. Simply, they can print currency as much as they want and control all capital around the world using their private banking system. Any government or political figure not subject to the policies of that global elite and its lobby groups, is punished and isolated from the world with deadly economic sanctions.


Accordingly, it can be said that the global elite class and especially the China branch with the help of their western partners from the same class, are the ones behind “COVID-19”. This is simply due to their interests becoming so intertwined. The human values, nationality, sovereignty, and patriotism concepts mean nothing for those elite, regardless of which country they belong to. Therefore, the front end plot of this pandemic hoax is played by the so-called “World Health Organization” hence, the pandemic is given a formal and legal character.

Please note: The activities of the WHO organization and its direct or indirect fund raising must be investigated. One of the fund raisers of this organization is “Bill Gates” (the founder of Microsoft Corporation) and his charitable organization, which makes the World Health Organization’s reputation questionable in all its suspicious decisions and programs against humanity. Below you will find more information about Bill Gates and his relation to vaccination.


Every ordinary person around the world, started to realize the mega hype behind this virus, while their government still wandering in complete paralysis. It’s shameful and suspicious! What is it that has made every president and government around the world feeling lost and paralyzed? If we look closely, we will find that 90% of the world’s governments were economically paralyzed prior to the political paralysis, and that’s due to the influence of lobbyists, stock market, and private banking interest. Therefore, the real and actual ruler in each country is the central bank and the companies that revolve around its sphere.


Media channels and Social Media are being misused and utilized as modern magic similar to black magic in ancient times to mainly do the following: manipulate people’s perception through misleading information to enslave and exploit people, nature, and every aspect of life. It is the worst psychological warfare against all mankind. The virus could be real, but the major death of people will be caused by the economic lockdown hoax, backed up by the globalist elite, private central banks, and their criminal corporations on Wall Street.

Current situation: all governments around the world are paralyzed by a Tyrant called the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex led by Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, our officials are cowardly complicit with the pharma evil power. We, the People, don’t fear the virus, but what is coming of mandatory untested vaccinations and biochips to be planted in our body, is the TRUE Danger. The danger is the 5G technology which influences the body cells and interferes with the oxygen we breath, which may make any virus deadly.


The real danger is on its way if we do nothing. Regardless of which country you live in, don’t be fooled and think you are safe.

The Extreme Danger is:

  • Forced mandate mRNA vaccination, our DNA will never be the same.
  • Quantum biochip planted in our body connected to a 5G network.
  • Forced home tracing and tracking to separate loved ones from each other including kids and their parents to justify safety.
  • They are in the process of stripping us from all our human basic rights, constitutional rights, human values, dignity, and freedom.
  • The economic lockdown will eventually kill too many livelihoods forever and make millions around the world starve to death due to the disrupt of food chain, hence giving the criminals the same result of their Engineered WWI and WWII.
  • Masks are meant to be temporarily used by surgeons, as they were never meant to protect you against biological weapons, the COVID-19 altered in the lab to be a weapon, in fact, wearing a mask reduces your oxygen intake and makes you sicker.
  • People became non-essential creatures, and soon they will be replace using Robots and 5G Artificial intelligence.


The thing we should fear is fear itself, the act of fear and the panic-demic you see among people right now is due to the lack of accurate and correct information, hence their perception/awareness is being fed and altered by programmed and misguided news channels, using fear, hype, and hysteria as their main weapon. It’s the most brutal Psychological Warfare ever recorded against all humanity! Resistance is not a choice anymore.


1. Create hype and hysteria caused by Flu type virus called COVID-19.

2. Justify an economic lockdown by calling it a Pandemic. (The Hoax part)

3. Do a world wealth transfer to control world resources through Fed and Wall Street.

4. Exploit the real economy – People livelihoods. (Especially the small businesses)

5. Gain maximum control using the 5G Technology while people lockdown at home.

6. Reset the usurious fraudulent financial system led by World Central banks.

All for the benefit of a global feudal system led by globalist elite members around the world! It is worth noting that this new feudal class is forming on the ashes of a brutal capitalism and a large part of it is being formed on the livelihood of simple people, hence we are seeing one of the most brutal war against humanity in modern history!


We are facing an unprecedented threat against humanity. Please share this report with your friends, family, and everyone, let them know the virus is real but doesn’t kill you, in fact, the chances of you dying from the Flu is way higher.

To all freemen and women out there, the true believers in the Republic and Liberty. Never expect the majority of people understand what is going on around the world. If you do, you will be depressed and disappointed.

Through history, people were and still divided into mainly 3 groups: 1) the 1% that rules, 2) the 5 to 10% supporting and empowering the 1%, 3) the rest just follow. Please note: the most important part of this formula is the 5 to 10% part, why? If the 5 to 10 percent were hypocrites then the criminals will rule, where if the 5 to 10 percent were Believers Freemen and Free Women, then the righteous people will rule.

Therefore, since the beginning of history, few people have dared to unite to change the global path to write honorable history. They have not been afraid of obstacles, opposition, controversies, or death. If a few of us unite and provide the appropriate knowledge, we can be among those a few who will turn the world into a better place to secure the future generations.

We face an unprecedented threat against humanity. Try to understand the challenge with awareness and high spirit, then contribute positively as much as you can. It is a valuable opportunity to write your chapter of history that is now being made! The clock is ticking and we don’t have time to waste, do something and participate now, before it is too late!

You’re free to republish or share any of our articles. Would be great if you give us appropriate credit by linking to the original article. Spread the word; knowledge is power! – Imad Daou

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