Good News for The Brits! —And the Commonwealth

Monday, February 8, 2021

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

I know that some Americans have it in for the Brits for all the nastiness their “government” has promoted — the same way that so many other people around the world have it in for “the Americans” for all the rot their government has created—-but stop a moment.  

Just as “the US” is not America, Westminster is not Great Britain, either. 

The Brits have been the victims along with us and everyone else.  Look at what the Germans have endured, too?  Hello?  We have all been the straight men in this comedy routine.  Virtually every country and every nation of people on Earth have suffered under the same illegal, immoral, unlawful yoke.  

You may all remember the landmark case, JAH v. Regina, in which it was irrefutably established that Queen Elizabeth II broke her Coronation Vows three days after she took them in public? 

So, equally unavoidable, she has been operating in fraud and under False Pretense and color of law ever since— just like “the US” Government, Westminster has been operating as an independent international city-state and home base for pirates.  

Elizabeth II has, in fact, been operating and “seated” on the Office of the Chair of the Estates, not the British Throne, for all these many years, and as a subordinate of Westminster and the Pope, she’s not a Queen at all.  More like a figurehead or storefront kept in place so that you don’t see the ugly little man behind the curtain.  

Where have we seen that before?  Oh, yes, using the Roman Catholic Church as a storefront, and using the United Nations as a storefront, and using the American Government (or what appeared to be the American Government) as a storefront….. why not the British Government, too?   

We have yet to fully unravel and dig apart what happened during the reign of Queen Victoria, but God-willing, we will get to the total bottom of it.  

Meantime, we have dug through enough of it to know this: just as the lawful American Government was undermined and its lawful representatives hunted and hounded and forced to flee for their lives, the same thing happened in Britain. 

And we have been lucky enough to find “the core Remnants” of the Peerage and the actual lawful British Government.  They still exist, battered and dog-eared, but stubbornly moral and deeply caring.  Just as the lawful American Government of the people still exists, the British Government is also alive.  

So, despite everything that has gone on for the past 160 years, the people of Britain are not stateless and not without leadership and not without provenance for their lawful government, and neither are those living in British Territorial Possessions or Commonwealths.  

You are not at the mercy of a lawless globalist government.  

In fact, you are blessed to have Peers who have now endured life as Commoners, people who have had to feed their own chickens and wax their own cars and work for a living, raise their own children, and clean their own storm windows— so that they know what it is like to do so, so that they have become your Peers, too.  

Imagine the change in attitude that comes from 150 years down on the farm? British Peers who refused to go along with the corruption of the government, have been working as mechanics and tradesmen and small shop holders,  scrabbling around like everyone else, being hounded and harassed by “the government”.  

I am reminded of that old classic, “Captains Courageous” by Rudyard Kipling, where the refining fires of experience transform a spoiled brat into a noble and competent man. 

That is the Silver Lining in all of this.  You can be sure that your lawful government, now returning from expatriation, knows what it is like to live on the other side of the fence, and that they are pulling with might and main for justice and reconciliation, not only for Britain and the Commonwealth, but for the whole world. 

They’ve done without the money and titles and gee-gaws to save their souls. 

And now they are ready to step back into the ring, just as the lawful American Government has done, to protect and defend the people and the heritage of Britain.  

Just this morning I got a heart-wrenching message from a Brit.  He said, our situation is hopeless.  We don’t even have the right to bear arms and defend ourselves. There’s no lawful government to come save us, as you’ve done in America….

I am happy to tell you all that there is a lawful British government, and Peers and Lords who have suffered and stood behind the Magna Carta, and for the values of Christianity, and for the precepts of Justice and Peace. You do have good men and women with lawful right and title to operate your government. 

Welcome them home.  They are coming home like shipwrecked sailors, the same way we have.  Their appearance has changed.  Hard experience has changed them, too. But you will recognize their names and you won’t mistake their hearts. 

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