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Saturday, February 6, 2021

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

This morning found me embroiled in a text conversation with yet another patriot telling me “what’s going on” and accusing me of being a nasty, old, mean-spirited cynic, for not “keeping the faith” and not “hoping” and “waiting”.   

Where do I begin?  How about 1863?  Think I’ve been waiting long enough?  37 plus 100 plus 21…. that’s 158 years that Americans have been waiting for their military, particularly the United States Army and later, the United States Air Force, and when on the land, the United States Marine Corps, to do their jobs and protect us from “all enemies both foreign and domestic”.  

I think we’ve all waited for them long enough.  Okay?  I am not waiting for them anymore.  I am showing up myself to settle my own hash and I highly recommend that you all do the same, each and every day.  

The whole Civil War was a set-up by the British Territorial Government.  Lincoln was substituted for election as the “President” of the Territorial United States, because as a Bar Attorney, he was prohibited from holding any office in our actual government.  That should put up some red flags, shouldn’t it? 

And then, there’s the strange story of Ulysses S. Grant, or, as he is known, U.S. Grant — like “Grant of the US” — which is what happened under his endlessly corrupt administration.  Now, add the fact that Grant’s actual name was Hiram Grant, and he picked up the nickname “Ulysses S” at West Point, and it doesn’t seem that his politics as a Queen’s Man was exactly a secret, does it? 

What you are looking at is a 158 year-old coup d’etat staged against our lawful civilian government by our own dear military and commercial mercenary interests operating under color of law and fraudulent misrepresentation and Breach of Trust.   

The U.S. Army has been overtly in charge since 1863 and we’ve got what we’ve got here.  These awful things literally could not have happened to our country if our military had been honest and acting in our best interests to protect us.

Could not. So stuff that down and believe it, because that’s the facts, Ma’am. 

For all those standing around “hoping” and “waiting” for the U.S. Military to do jack diddly, I suggest you stop waiting and pay attention.  

Let’s see…. I have been hearing rumors about NESARA for forty years, but nothing whatsoever has been done with this legislation since the 1990’s.  So if there is some kind of “NESARA” on the Agenda, there is no sign of it being addressed in any degree, way, shape or form on the public record for thirty (30) years. And call me a fool, but that does seem to be problematic.  

I’ve also been hearing rumors about “global resets” and “currency exchanges” and all sorts of other currency-related speculation for the past ten years.  

I get regular emails about all these “tiers” and exchange rates and preparations being made and protocols to be followed when you trot in to exchange your Zims or your Dinar or whatever else —- for a decade.  And it is always the same story—- it’s going to happen! 

It’s going to happen next Tuesday.  It’s been delayed.  It’s going to happen this weekend…. there was this trouble, there was that trouble…. Saudi Arabia farted, a computer system failed, a Beta Test went sideways.  

There is always some excuse.  And there’s always a new date, right around the corner, when all the pipedreams will come true.  Well, folks, I really hope they do.  But my Mama taught me that someday never comes.  She also taught me to observe what is right in front of my face, and what is right in front of my face is ten years of talk, talk, talk that is completely devoid of walk, walk, walk. 

And now we’ve got another version of this same schtick going on — the Military is going to save us.  There’s going to be a big announcement via the Emergency Broadcasting System and all of a sudden it’s all going to be clear —- except, of course, the Military’s part in all this heinous crime and breach of trust.  It’s going to happen January 19….no, no, it’s going to happen January 21st….. no, no, it’s going to happen February 6th….. 

And it’s all part of a brilliant plan to entrap the members of Congress and the Media Moguls and the people like Bill Gates so that they face prosecution for Treason, or, alternatively, all the Bad Guys including Joe Biden are already dead and we’re just watching a movie….. a distressing, ugly movie that we don’t need and don’t benefit from, for no reason at all.  

Oh, the Military is going to save us.  They’ve only had 158 years to do so, and it’s right around the corner.  Oh, yes, really, for sure.  Our heroes are out there rescuing tortured children from underground bunkers and tunnels all over the world.  They are protecting us from China, Six Foot Tall Rabbits, and stale beer. Nobody knows the wonders and #@%%  blunders of our military….because most of it doesn’t exist. 

But I observe that they’ve had 158 years to get off their butts and actually do something to protect the American States and People from the British Bounders and European Bankers and American Industrialists that have been robbing us blind and illegally conscripting and taxing and pillaging us for six generations.

And they haven’t done so.  

I’m sorry, but I am done “hoping” or “waiting” for all these miscreant Employees to do the right thing.  The only White Hats I know are actually Gray Hats with lots of grease spots on their lapels.  

I want to see it.  I want to smell it.  I don’t want to hear about it, and I certainly don’t need any more excuses about softening up the American Public and trapping more rats in more legal snares.  

All I am seeing is John Roberts booking for England and taking the powder he so richly deserves.  And Joe Biden pumping out Executive Orders for all his Municipal Slaves to keep them wearing masks so they don’t offend the sensibilities of his Arab Investors.

Great Almighty, please spare me the drama—- and the rest of you, look at the facts.  

This entire country has to wake up and stop waiting and stop hoping, gather all the common sense you ever had, and get off your rumps.  There’s nobody here but us chickens and what is left of Public Law and Decency.  Hike up your skirts and unbutton your shirts and bring your mops and buckets. 

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