How to Bilk a Nation – If You Are British

Monday, January 4, 2021

By Anna Von Reitz

It’s astonishingly easy.

First, you bilk your own people. You quietly change “the form” of known law into a foreign form of law conducive to your aims.

This happened in Britain during the tenure of Lord Mansfield, a Scottish Admiralty Barrister elevated to the highest pinnacle of honor in the British Court System for engineering the Dirty Deed referenced above.

He was the Chief Justice of the King’s Bench from 1756-1788, neatly encompassing the period (in America) from the French and Indian War to the adoption of the Constitutions.

Lord Mansfield took the English Common Law and converted it into a mixture of Commercial Law and Common Law now referred to as Equity Law. This activity was one of the causes of the American Revolution. Our Forefathers disagreed with this “bastardization” allowing Admiralty claims and practices to usurp upon their land jurisdiction courts.

The Constitutions reflect their opposition. The Federal Constitution does not allow for the King’s Bench to operate in this country at all. The British Territorial Constitution allows for it, but only by an Act of the Territorial Congress — the Judiciary Act of 1790, and only with respect to Territorial functions and citizenry.

Essentially, Equity Law places every issue under “judicial discretion” and the judge, being both self-interested (he gets paid from a cut of the proceeds) and a King’s Man engaged as a Hired Jurist, uses his discretion to enrich and benefit himself and his employer — the King.

If he hopes to advance in his career and keep his job, such a Judge had better be “productive” — and his “discretion” had better be used to plump up profits. This system encourages corruption of the judicial system favorable to the King’s interests, at the same time that it releases the King from any direct culpability or accountability for the wrong-doing.

Double score.

This unlawful conversion neutering English Common Law was done during Lord Mansfield’s tenure, and subsequently imported to this country in the wake of the Civil War. This has led to the hideous abuses of “judicial discretion” that Dr. Richard Cordero, Esquire, is objecting to, but, bear in mind— there is no judicial discretion in an actual American Court.

So there are actually two (2) issues.

Number One — these things being operated “as” American Courts, aren’t actually American Courts; and, as they are being operated under color of law and conditions of fraudulent misrepresentation, they are actually criminal operations.

Number Two, the Jurists Hired to operate these courts have been wildly abusing the “judicial discretion” available to them as part of the King’s Bench.

Of the two, the first is most important, as it renders all decisions and actions taken by these courts against Americans into criminal enterprises.

The only “persons” in America subject to the King’s Bench are the King’s Subjects — a small percentage of our population at any given time– employed as U.S. Citizens and their Dependents.

Instead of honoring this fact of life, the Brits have conspired to evade their constitutional obligations and international law, by impersonating average Americans and fraudulently registering them as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and/or Dependents— thereby also entrapping them as “subjects” under the control of the corrupt and oppressive King’s Bench.

The dishonorable and criminal nature of this undertaking infesting the judicial system of Britain, America, and every other member of the purportedly defunct Commonwealth (they merely changed the name from “Commonwealth” to “Territorial”) is self-evident.

And now you know how the Brits have debased not only their own court system, but the court systems of multiple other nations worldwide, to create an effective means of racketeering and pillaging the assets of other countries to enrich their kings (the Queen’s Government) and their barristers (under Westminster and the Lord Mayor of London).

Dr. Richard Cordero, Esquire, trained in actual Law at Cambridge and the Sorbonne, is in a position to recognize what is so terribly wrong in the so-called “American” Court System and to decry it, while most of our own Legal Eagles are completely clueless, because American Law Schools including Harvard and Yale haven’t taught actual Law in decades.

Instead, these Ivy League diploma factories have taught “Administrative Law” designed to implement corporate Public Policies and Codes with “procedural excellence”— that is, how to more efficiently bilk the American Public to benefit themselves and their King.

No doubt that Dr. Cordero is motivated by his own sense of honor, his own devotion to the cause of justice, and his own respect for his profession, but it would not be inappropriate, if he were additionally concerned about his own future and the safety and lifeblood of his colleagues.

As the immensity of the fraud and corruption and the nature of it becomes more and more obvious to people in Britain, in America, and elsewhere throughout the world, the hammer is going to fall first on the BAR Attorneys and the hired Judges, and only secondarily upon the governments and individual potentates responsible.

Remember that the real “genius” of Westminster was to accomplish two things with one stroke — (1) cut themselves in on the profit to be made from co-opting the justice system; and (2) release the king from any direct accountability for this.

It’s the second part of this quid pro quo that made this system possible and desirable from King George III’s point of view, and it is also the part that paints the target on the backs of every Hired Jurist and Bar Attorney worldwide.

Pathetically, the vast majority of American attorneys don’t have a clue that they have been participating in crimes of fraud, racketeering, armed robbery, personage, barratry, extortion under color of law, inland piracy, press-ganging, international human trafficking, kidnapping, pillaging of public trusts, peonage and enslavement schemes—- and all in violation of both the Geneva Conventions and the Hague Conventions.

When and if American Military Tribunals catch up with them, virtually all of the judges and Bar Attorneys in America are guilty of hanging offenses and anyone carrying a Bar Card can be presumed to be guilty of these crimes, because they have organized, operated, and misused the King’s Bench Courts to bilk and subjugate and rob Americans, in contravention of international law including the Constitutions.

An American Military Tribunal can be formed by any three (3) officers, including retired officers, so the legal remedy is not really that hard to implement, and some people, indeed, many people in this country, would find it pleasurable to remind the members of the Bar Associations that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”.

Having spoken to and corresponded with thousands of these miscreants, I am convinced that the bulk of the membership of the American Bar Association is clueless and that these people have been kept in the dark deliberately — to do the devil’s bidding, while believing that they are virtuous and superior to the rest of us mere mortals.

These men and women blink at me (at least at first) as if I were speaking a foreign language, and only dimly and by slow degrees awaken to the immensity of the debacle they have participated in and which they have been used as flunkies to implement.

There are, of course, those who have knowingly and willingly participated. I would estimate the total number of truly guilty Persons at about 10% of the American Bar Association Membership and 20% of the US Bar Association, based on my extensive work providing them with Notice. The ignorant always look like rabbits in the headlights of an oncoming car and stammer something to the effect of, “But, but…. this is the way we do it. This is the way it has always been done.”

They don’t know any other way to proceed and are blissfully unaware of history. And when the truth opens up before them, they are terrified.

Those that know and wish to continue their profitable infamy have a completely different response. They go silent, quirk eyebrows, and get a crafty look, and begin calculating how to avoid responsibility and capture.

To my certain knowledge, the Top Echelon of the most knowledgeable Vermin tidied up their affairs and moved to Britain proper or began crawling under rocks in outposts of the Empire, like Quigby, Australia, about fifteen years ago.

A few of them donated all their money to the poor and left for places like Tibet and India, where they hope to find peace and enlightenment through spiritual growth and expanded consciousness.

No doubt, many of them repented, and more are becoming conscious of their sins on a daily basis.

One way or another, these gross abuses of “judicial discretion” and unbridled corporate profiteering must end — either by determined reform from within the system, or at the point of a bayonet. Or both, depending on the temperament and response of those responsible for these deplorable conditions.

In the meantime, literally millions of Americans, both members of Bar Associations and Joe Average on the street, need to be told the truth about this situation and encouraged to make peaceful reform and remedy our mutual goal — as Dr. Cordero is advocating.

It bears noting that none of this is the fault of the Law Enforcement community. The police in this country are acting as Hired Hands for the courts and until now have had no great cause to think that the courts are operating in a criminal manner. They have, in good faith, as non-legal professionals, been taking their orders from the purported experts.

Because our LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers) and several major Federal Agencies, including the FBI and DOJ, have been misdirected and misinformed by these foreign court officials operating on our shores in the capacity of Undeclared Foreign Agents, a great many terrible injustices have occurred including grotesque and unpunished acts of police brutality, unlawful evictions and illegal sale of property in which the perpetrators have no valid interest, illegal taxation and regulation, illegal mortgages on American property assets, and millions of Americans have been jailed under False Legal Presumptions.

Of course, these illegal and immoral predatory foreign court actions by the King’s Bench, enforced by hired Law Enforcement Officers, have unleashed a terrible backlash against the police, as the Public readily perceives the criminal injustice behind these actions and the lack of respect for their constitutional guarantees, even if they are unaware of the multitudinous “legal” but unlawful excuses for them.

Let me suggest that instead of hating the police, you inform the police. Give the boys in blue a copy of my earlier letter to Dr. Cordero and a copy of this letter, too, so that they can see how they are being set up as the front-line fall guys for the judges and attorneys, and how the judges and attorneys are set up as the second-line fall guys for the Queen and the British Crown Corporation (Westminster).

And let them all observe that the victims of all this chicanery are not deceived and not putting up with any more crap. Let the police especially observe that they desperately need public support not only for funding, but ultimately, to stay alive.

Let the judges in these courts and the attorneys populating them observe the same issues.

Their own lives, the lives of their families, their homes, their pensions, the honor of their profession — all of it, is on the line; and, the only thing to be decided is — do they come to their senses and properly deploy their “discretion” to exempt Americans from their scheme, or do they come to judgement themselves?

Americans are not Territorial U.S. Citizens and neither are they Municipal citizens of the United States, and no excuse now exists — if it ever did — for “presuming” otherwise.

The damage to us and to our country has been done by the British and the Holy Roman Empire, our purported friends and allies. If there is to be another World War, it isn’t going to be between the Americans and anyone in the Middle East, nor is it going to be between the Americans and the Chinese or the Canadians or the Mexicans, either.

If there is going to be any World War III at all, it’s going to be the Americans against the actual Perpetrators of these schemes and injustices, and you may be assured that those colluding members of the UN CORP and the Holy See and Westminster will be held to full account— and not only by the Americans.

Source: How to Bilk a Nation — If You Are British PDF

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