Let’s Make This Really Simple

Monday, December 28, 2020

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Constitutions implement the various Treaty Agreements ending The War of Independence.

All three Constitutions, Federal, Territorial and Municipal are all power-sharing service contracts.

The process of implementation begins in 1787 with The Constitution for the united States of America—- which created the Federal Republic operated by our American Confederation which was established in 1781.  The Article III Federal Courts are part of the Federal Republic structure.  They have not operated since the Civil War and won’t operate until and unless both the Confederation and the Federal Republic are restored.

Two years later, in 1789, the Territorial United States Constitution known as The Constitution of the United States of America was adopted. It was immediately amended to allow Admiralty and Maritime Courts by the Judiciary Act of 1790.

A year later the Municipal Constitution called The Constitution of the United States was adopted.  It’s only judicial powers extend to the Article II Administrative Courts.

So it is supposed to go like this:

Federal Republic operates Article III Courts

The Territorial Government operates Admiralty and Maritime and —“Special Admiralty” Courts.

The Municipal United States operates the bulk of Administrative Courts, with the Territorial United States operating a few of its own.

You can now all see that as the Federal Republic and the Confederation that is supposed to operate it, have never been Reconstructed, there is no access to Article III Courts.  There hasn’t been for decades.

At the current time the only Federal Courts in operation are “district courts”— Admiralty, Maritime, Special Admiralty, and Article II Administrative Courts— together with their Appellate Courts and their Supreme Court.

They are all foreign with respect to Americans and are meant to be.

So for all those Americans who are appalled by the cheating that went on in the recent corporation elections—- none of these Federal Courts have subject matter jurisdiction and technically, neither do their franchises operating as State of State and STATE OF STATE COURTS.

The only way to punish Joe Biden for what he has done and what his co-conspirators have done is for shareholders in these corporations to bring a criminal complaint for malfeasance and material harm — and that is difficult to prove before a man takes office, and also it’s difficult to find anyone with standing to field such a complaint.

The Voters pass their Proxies to their elected Representatives and by doing that divest themselves of any standing.

So the only people who COULD field such a complaint are eligible Voters who didn’t vote in the election—- and the courts will say, but you had your remedy, you could have voted….unless they were actually denied their voting “privilege”.

And they would still have to find a court of competent jurisdiction to hear them. It has to be an international Court with applicable subject matter jurisdiction over the actions of foreign corporations.

Long story short— none of these courts can address the cheating per se, but some of them can address corporations indulging in unlawful activities in their States— which would include Election Fraud.

So you are looking for eligible Voters who didn’t vote or were somehow precluded from voting —who were harmed,  and then you would need to bring a cross complaint against the corporation itself, for example, a complaint in the Public Interest brought against the State of Wisconsin, Incorporated, by The People of Wisconsin for engaging in unlawful election processes and procedures on Wisconsin soil.

Corporations are formed for lawful purposes— not legal purposes, and that is where
The Rub lies.  The People of a State can enter a complaint against any corporation operating in their State that engages in any unlawful practice at all.

Source: Let’s Make This Really SimplePDF

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