Memo to Governor Ron DeSantis: this is how you win against the wolves — Jon Rappoport

Aug 24, 2021

by Jon Rappoport

As you well know, the wolves are out to get you.

They smell blood.

Your state, Florida, is their key enemy. They have to make it seem your COVID policies are a failure. Otherwise, their whole COVID narrative collapses.

Bottom line: The current attacks against you from Biden and the press all rest on rising COVID case numbers in Florida.

That’s the federal hole card. They’re playing it. They’ve got nothing else.

Months ago, you and your public health department realized the case numbers were an artifact based on positive PCR tests. You saw through the scam:

When test labs run the tests at 35 cycles or higher (increased sensitivity), the results are meaningless, AND positive results pour forth like water out of a fire hose, creating the impression of many new COVID cases.

Fauci himself readily asserted that the test run at 35 or higher is meaningless. BUT FDA documents recommended running the test at up to 40 cycles. So labs followed suit.

THEREFORE, you and your state public health department mandated labs to report HOW MANY CYCLES THEY WERE RUNNING THE TEST AT, FOR EVERY SINGLE TEST.

You issued the order because labs had not been including that vital piece of information in their reports.

I’m betting several things have happened since you issued the order:

Some labs have failed to report how many cycles they’re using to run the test.

Public health officials have failed to enforce your order. They’ve failed to keep close tabs on the labs.

Therefore, labs have continued to run the tests at 35 cycles and higher—and the number of so-called COVID cases in Florida has escalated.

Beyond that, I think you’ll find that doctors in Florida are still writing “COVID-19”on patient files with no justification whatsoever. The patients have symptoms that would ordinarily be called flu or pneumonia or COPD—but suddenly they’re “COVID.”

I’m sure you’re aware that Medicare pays out higher money for “COVID cases” in hospitals than for ordinary flu or pneumonia.

The feds and the press are taking you to the cleaners because COVID case numbers in Florida are rising. But if you and your trusted people ride herd on the testing labs and the hospitals, those numbers will fall.

Nothing much depends on this, except the future of Florida and the rest of the country.

Governor, the political powers-that-be will do ANYTHING to maintain the appearance of rising case numbers. This includes lying, cheating, changing reports, fabricating numbers, and infiltrating your staffs.

You quite possibly believe the scandal I’m laying out here can be kept in-house; you can deal with it behind the scenes; you can solve the problem quietly. Perhaps you also believe the public won’t understand the details of this PCR testing scandal if you blow it wide open and let them know what’s going on.

However, your political strength depends on the grit, tenacity, and staying power of your supporters. You need to talk directly to them. You need to tell them what’s going on; how they’re being fooled.

And yes, this means you’ll be exposed to new massive attacks from the medical establishment. But THE TRUTH has a funny way of taking hold. Especially if you hammer on it day in and day out.

Millions of Americans will rally to your side. They WILL understand the shape of the COVID case number scandal.

The press is painting you as an ambitious politician who wants to become President. They’re painting you as Trump Two. Forget all that. Protecting Florida from the wolves is your job.

The whole country is dividing into competitive states: those that enforce draconian COVID restrictions, and those that insist on staying open.

That’s the reality on the ground.

The federal wolves know the draconian states are collapsing under the weight of their own policies. They can’t afford to allow the open states to succeed and flourish.

You can’t allow them to sink Florida.

Your power is your supporters—particularly the parents of school children. But also, of course, business owners and workers—all those who would be decimated if Florida succumbs to the false narrative of “rising case numbers.”

Tell the truth, Governor, and keep telling it.

Blow the scandal wide open.


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