Money Talks…. Sometimes

Feb 18, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

God is good. And he has a great sense of humor.

Ask yourselves —- who is being hurt financially by this whole “live exercise” fiasco?

Everyone worldwide has been paying through the nose, and people are losing their lives, but who else? Who else stands to lose their shirts?

Insurance companies stand to be the Biggest Losers in this World Wrestling Federation Grudge Match. Knowing this, they are already busily off-loading risky policies —- anyone who was vaccinated — and fighting against life insurance claims from families who lost vaccinated loved ones.
So far, two out of two cases have been ruled voluntary vaccine suicides. The decisions are under appeal, but simple families who lost loved ones are being forced to fight the very institutions that are supposed to help them in their hour of need.

But who else?

So guess what?

Wall Street. Wall Street is losing Big Time, and they don’t like to lose.

All those huge crooked nasty securities investment firms, all those boutique banks, all those gargantuan pension funds, all those traders, all those investment advisors, all those clearinghouses, and all their lawyers and all their bankers are hopping mad!

They turned their Analytics on the data coming off the Plandemic and they now know the truth. Imagine it? What is the Mainstream Media going to do? Claim that Wall Street is full of ignorant hayseed “conspiracy theorists” cracking nuts and eating pig’s ears out in the barn?

They are ready to “kill” — in the white collar sense — the Medical Cabal, right down to the American Medical Association and related Sacred Cows and illegal closed-shop monopolies.

Hey, Kids, this is going to be The Battle Royale.

And it’s not taking place in the Crimea again. Their slimy False Flag attacking a Kindergarten — why is it always the little kids, huh? Big, bad men taking it out on little kids….

Anyway….. get out the popcorn. This is going to be good. Godzilla meets Mothra.

Wall Street as a Committee of the Whole, busting the Medical Cabal and Big Pharma using every trick in the Big Book of Dirty Tricks. And once they really get going, who knows?

Maybe they will clean up their own acts, and take a good long look at “CONGRESS”?

I should also say that numerous major players on Wall Street and worldwide, have lost loved ones, so for them, this is personal. There are scores to settle.

And Main Street will be here, cheering them on.

Who’d a thunk?

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