Note to the United Nations/UN Corp and the Government of the Philippines

Feb 24, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

Pursuant to our discussion yesterday concerning the actual role of Ferdinand Marcos with respect to the private gold reserves held by Severino Sta Romano’s estate and the American gold reserves being held for safekeeping in the Philippines, it should be apparent that:

(1) As an attorney-for-hire Marcos was bound by the Will of Severino Sta. Romano. Marcos had no individual personal ownership interest in the funds being administered.

As a result, Marcos could provide no such interest to anyone else.

There is no legitimate basis for any transfer to Anthony Santiago Martin as “King” of the Philippines, no basis for any Marcos family member to claim an interest in Severino’s estate, which if he had died intestate — which he did not — would naturally return to the government of his home country, not the Philippines, and certainly not to individual Filipinos related to Marcos.

However, as Severino’s principal Heir did survive, and was simply being denied recognition based on fraudulent legal misrepresentations, the responsibility of Ferdinand Marcos and his Successors is clear: to return the estate unharmed and delivered to Severino’s Heir and Successor.

(2) As the “independent Government for the Philippines” was established in 1934 expressly so that Government could function as Trustee for American gold stored in the Philippines, and as Ferdinand Marcos inherited the position of Trustee while functioning as President of the Philippines, he similarly had no ability or right to function as the Donor of the Trust, nor as Beneficiary.

This means that any and all rights, authorities, grants or similar intellectual and/or material interests granted to the United Nations and/or the Committee of 300 by Marcos with respect to both Severino’s estate and the interests of our unincorporated Federation of States known as The United States of America, are all null and void, too.

The control of the assets that Marcos misadminstered must be returned to Severino’s chosen Heir and Successor, and to The United States of America — Unincorporated.

As a first step toward straightening this mess out, the American assets and credit which were held in the World Bank’s control and in the Global Debt Facility and the hard assets which were being blocked by the actions of the Committee of 300 have been reconveyed and assigned to The Global Family International Trade Bank under the authority of Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary for The United States of America.

Notice was delivered yesterday upon sunset of the World Bank’s contracts.

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