Notice: Warning About Legalities — and “Human” Rights

Jul 08, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

It’s unlawful and illegal to own living people as slaves, right? Right.

We gave that up ages ago, didn’t we? Yes, we did.

Amendment XIII “Abolished slavery” and by 1926, the League of Nations succeeded in banning both slavery and peonage worldwide.

But look at how the Balrog’s tail snagged a new lease on life and allowed — indeed, institutionalized, slavery for “some” people…. the Fourteenth Amendment defined criminals as slaves and failed to define “criminals” except to inform us that “citizens of the United States” are criminals by definition.

And, going into the Great Depression, men like Franklin Delano Roosevelt pulled another Fast One by selling all the Municipal “citizens of the United States” into slavery. Read over FDR’s First Inaugural Address and his references to “consecration” and “clearinghouse certificates”.

In order to do these evils, FDR and his Buddies had to relabel and redefine the victims as “humans” — that is, not really people, not men and women, but something “else” that the Perpetrators could pass off as something other-than-men-and-women with Natural and Unalienable Rights.

Think of it this way: “man” versus “hue-man” or translate it another way, and you get “man” versus “color of man” or “colored man”. Many of the victims of FDR’s slave sale were actually and factually colored people. So then, we had the whole effort to dig out of the insanity of the Buck Act of 1940, and the Civil Rights Movement for Hue-Mans and The United Nations’ Hue-man Rights Declaration — and all of this is very helpful and nice, but never addressed the actual issue — which is slave ownership glossed over (literally) and peonage, too, which were outlawed in 1926.

So, do you want to be classified, legally but not lawfully, as a “human”? No, you definitely don’t. And you don’t want “Human Rights”, either, because whatever those rights may be, it’s still “legal” to kill humans, still “legal” to enslave humans, and still “legal” to steal from humans under force.

It’s not lawful or legal to do any of these things to men and women.

So you want to be a man or you want to be a woman and you want to be on your toes ready to disavow any claim that you are a thing, a Mister, a Missus, a Miss, or any other “Person” or “PERSON” that they can classify as a “Hue-man”, and, victimize using this pernicious fraud and evasion of the actual Public Law, which has forbidden both slavery and peonage since 1926.

Obviously, the cat is finally out of the bag, and people are waking up to this maladept use of “legality” to evade the Public Law, and abuse innocent people by mischaracterizing and impersonating them as things.

So what do the criminal cretins do? Well, they gin up another scheme, only worse, that allows them to do the same thing — use “legalities” to evade the Public Law.

The U.S. Supreme Court made a bad error and allowed corporations involved in genetic engineering to patent bits and pieces of DNA and mRNA, and inject these into plants and animals that they then classify — and own — as “Genetically Modified Organisms”.

Sound oddly familiar? Redefining and relabeling? Owning the newly redefined “things” as slaves? Being able to impose peonage? Being able to kill and imprison and enslave, only this time based on patents?

Are we to endure another round of this gratuitous fraud and crime against humanity — which includes men and women and also “male” and “female” hue-mans? Crowds of people marching around demanding “GMO Rights!”?

I don’t think so.

This time, it’s the turn of the screw in the opposite direction.

Our country has already passed a Public Law forbidding all claims attempting to define living people as Genetically Modified Organisms, whether or not they have voluntarily accepted patented DNA or RNA altering vaccinations.

And if the recipients of DNA or RNA altering vaccinations die, we recognize no claims of interest in their estates by any corporation whatsoever.

We are going after the criminal masterminds behind all this crap. We know what they did in the past and we know what they are trying to do right now and enough is enough. Before we are done, we will have cleaned up every Board Room from here to Bangkok, and God enlighten anyone who stands in the way, because they will be defending the authors of their own demise.

All you bankers, all you Party Boys, all you “governmental officials” — take heed. The Herd isn’t the Herd anymore — and you are all at the end of your ropes.

We outlawed slavery in 1865 and we outlawed it again, and peonage, too, in 1926, and with God as our Witness, enslavement by redefinition and relabeling of people as “humans” or “GMOs” or anything else, — and evasion of the Public Law via the use of such “legalities” — is at an end in 2022.

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