Police Placed in the Middle

Feb 22, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake

Because various levels of “government” are actually acting as commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, they aren’t functioning as a government anymore and don’t have the special immunities and authorities of government. All they’ve got are the same options as any other commercial corporation.

This is plainly spelled out at 22 USCA 286 (e). (They’ve changed the numbering system again, so you will have to look for it in editions prior to 2010 to find it,) This is also affirmed by the Clearfield Doctrine and numerous Supreme Court decisions.

Police who work for these incorporated entities don’t have any special authorities or powers or indemnities, either. They are considered private security personnel, just like guards at a bank or floor walkers at a business.

Although they enforce things called “State Statutes” and Regulatory Codes and so on, these are internal private laws of the governmental services corporation that apply to the corporation’s officers, employees, and dependents —- and are not supposed to be applied to the General Public at all.

The police are not trained as lawyers and are not competent to interpret law, yet they often get stuck enforcing things they have no competence to judge. The situation in Canada is a good example.

Mr. Trudeau claims that his corporation has authority to clear the protesters from the streets of the City of Ottawa and public highways, but the protesters own the land and soil that the City of Ottawa sits on and the public highways, too.

Both parties have a claim of authority and the police, including the RCMP, have no competency to judge which party has the superior claim.

What they should do is simply say so and extract themselves from the middle of an issue at law, which only courts of a competent jurisdiction can decide.

Otherwise, the police face both personal and commercial liability for their actions as employees of a privately owned foreign corporation, and their corporations are also fully liable for any injurious harm done to the actual owners of the entire country.

So this information should be passed around to the police and the police unions and the politicians and the military and anyone else who is being placed in the middle of a situation they have no expertise to resolve.

And then maybe it would become obvious to everyone involved that the people of Canada are the landlords and employers of all these yahoos, including Mr. Trudeau and his corporation.

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