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January 10, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

I have had some really squirrelly responses to the information I have been sharing in recent days, so, I want to reply to those people who are stomping around in denial saying things like, “You don’t know anything!”

I want to invite them to — maybe for the first time in their lives — look at what is right in front of their faces.

Look at the words: Rome, Romania, Romano, and Romanov.

What do you see?

One common root word: Rom

Rom equals “Rahm” equals “Ra-Em” equals “God particle-bit-spark” in Ancient Egyptian, and that in turn implies, “Spark or bit of God” or “Child of God”. “Rahm Emmanuel” means “Child of God” (in Egyptian) and “God with Us” (in Hebrew).

“Barack Obama” means “Lightning of God” or alternatively, “Lightning From Heaven” in both Ancient Persian and Hebrew.

So, are your gray cells awake, or are you still sitting there like a lump, saying, oh, no, no, no, this couldn’t be happening!

“Do you not know that you are gods?” — the question Jesus asked, and which you must answer.

Rome, Romania, Romano, Romanov, and Rahm and Rah-Em are all connected. They have all always been connected and stood right in front of your faces for centuries, and Dullards that we are, nobody paid attention.

Pay attention now.

The people of Turkey, Northern Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, and part of Hungary and Poland and Czech Republic and Uzbekistan and all of Transylvania and Bosnia and North Africa including the Nile Delta were once called “Trojans” in the same way that people from Nigeria, Congo, Tanzania, and Kenya are called “Africans” today.

These “Trojans” founded and populated Rome as a military and trading outpost. This is self-evident from the difference between the pottery, artifacts, metallurgy, and language of these people and of Rome, versus the pottery, artifacts, metallurgy, and language of the Etruscans that lived on the Italian Peninsula prior to the founding of Rome.

Homer’s recount of the founding of Rome is only off by a few centuries and the romanticized details, not in the overall fact.

Latin itself is not indigenous to Italy. It is a mathematical language derived from Ancient Persian, brought overland and westward and developed over many centuries as the language of commerce. It has more to do with Hammurabi and the Hellespont than anything else.

So why were we taught that Troy and the great civilizations descending from it were mythical? Why was everyone taught Latin, but nothing about Latin’s origins? Why was everyone taught about Egypt and Akenatan and the monotheistic sun god, Ra, as in Rah-Em, but never taught the meaning of the words “Holy Bible” which means “Sun Book”?

As ever, you have to look at the omissions. You have to look at what is not there in order to understand what is there, just as the spaces give meaning and form and context to the words I am writing on this page.

The fact is that the Trojans were great warriors and metallurgists and traders, and they were wealthy as a result. The Trojan hoard carried off by the Greeks from Troy was a very large hoard, but only the wealth of one city in an entire empire. Ever wonder why Persia attacked Greece? Because Greece attacked the Trojans, who are allies and trading partners and distant relatives of the Persians.

So now that ancient history of Eastern Europe and the Middle East is finally making more sense to you, follow the money.

The wealth the Greeks took from Troy funded the flowering of Greek culture and the growth of the Greek city-states, a concept that the Greeks also took from the Trojans.

The rest of the remaining “Trojans” who lived primarily north and west of Greece, also lived in northern Greece itself, the area of Macedonia, the home of Alexander the Great — and they were alive and well and continuing to expand their vast trading empire.

Whatever they lost to the Greeks with the fall of Troy was made up for by Alexander’s conquest of the known world.

We are taught that Alexander was Greek, but Alexander wasn’t really Greek. He was Macedonian. A Trojan in Greek clothing.

The hoard of wealth that Alexander amassed was added to the wealth that the Trojan Peoples had amassed from their trading empire and it was all sent west to their outpost in Rome. It took thirty years to haul it all overland.

It wasn’t “just” the excellence of Roman warfare or the nearly universal use of Latin as a trade language or the Roman mastery of cement work or Roman engineering in general that made Rome the dominant force in western civilization. It was Trojan wealth that made all that possible.

It was the Trojan trading empire that stretched from Cornwall to China that made the pre-eminence of their centrally located fortress city-state, Rome, a foregone conclusion.

So look at the words again: Rome, Romania, Romano, Romanov.

Think about the position of the “Trojans” — the peoples of Eastern Europe and Asia Minor.

Notice that Romania was a Soviet satellite nation and that the Romanovs were the rulers of Russia, and now, ask yourselves, how would it play during the Cold War, to realize that the richest families on Earth came from Romania and Russia?

The Russian Revolution wasn’t about politics or even about economic systems. It was about the seizure of wealth — and not, as it turns out, “for the people” of Russia or Romania.

When the Iron Curtain descended, Severino Sta Romano was safe in Indonesia and the bulk of his gold deposits were safely secured in bank depositories all over the world, but especially in Rome and the Philippines, which was protected as a US Possession.

The rest of world history including the Second World War has been a nasty, largely hidden, internecine commercial and political “war” over what came to be called the Code FLAT trust assets — but all the while, those assets actually belong to the heirs of the Trojan Empire and the heirs of the Spanish Conquest, jointly and severally.

No wonder certain parties have been at such pains for so long to obscure their actual identities and to wipe from our minds all memory of Troy and the wealth of Troy—- because then they would have to “fess up” about the origins of the wealth underpinning Western Civilization, and we would have to realize that it didn’t come from England, a small rock in the ocean, far to the left side of everything important.

Nor did it come from England’s puppet, America.

America, it is true, has its own vast gold and silver resources, but they are different and apart from the Spanish and Trojan hoards and have their own metallurgic DNA and their own unique history quite apart from anything else. So, the truth of the matter, as bizarre as it may seem, is that the wealthiest countries on Earth, have been living as among the poorest, and no justice has been done to any of the people, anywhere.

The Americans have been denied control of their own gold and of gold owed to them, like the Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust, and been used as pawns by the Popes and the Brits.

The peoples of South America and Africa have had their gold and other resources endlessly exported and never enjoyed the return of any profit resulting from this. The people of Eastern Europe, Asia Minor, Persia (modern Iran), and Russia, who should be among the wealthiest nations, have eked along and barely held their own against the thieves.

Still other nations, most notably, Switzerland and the Philippines and the Government of Hong Kong, have been used and abused as international repositories and “money hubs” administering and consolidating all the craziness — regardless of their own national druthers.

Enter a bunch of cowboys, who have on average a poorer grasp of world history than you now do, and add a bunch of guilty-complicit CIA, MI6 and Mossad Agents, and a dollop of corrupt American and British and Israeli politicians and what have you got?

Answer: the Mess we are in now.

The Americans are owed their own gold, no questions asked.

The Romanian and Macedonian heirs are owed their gold, no questions asked. The Romanov heirs (Kim Goguen’s claim to fame) are owed a share.

The Spanish heirs and the South American people are owed their gold, no questions asked.

The Egyptians and other African nations and Persians (Iranians) are owed their gold, no questions asked.

And what about the Brits and the Popes who never had much gold of their own, but gained de facto control when entrusted to manage other people’s wealth?

They’ve stolen a bunch of other people’s gold and moved it to China, and have been setting up shop, planning to use the labor wealth of China to promote another blood-money currency “Federal Reserve System” racket over there.

Folks, let’s just stop a moment and observe the facts.

Our cowboys are about the unleash NESARA/GESARA on the world and they think that is a great idea, because they are ignorant. If they do it the way they have planned, there will be a giant boom and an equally giant bust.

A large part of the planet’s population will die, clutching “symbols” of wealth, pieces of engraved paper and pieces of gold, in their hands — unable to change those symbols into food and water, clothes, transportation, education, and shelter. It isn’t a matter of who owns the symbols or how much “money” exists, that determines the outcome of all of this.

You determine the outcome of all of this.

I represent and am one of the actual heirs of all the world’s wealth. I know for a fact that this wealth is meant to buy freedom, food, water, shelter, education, and everything else that everyone on this planet needs. It is also intended to be used to care for the Earth, improve the soil, clean the water, plant forests, and so on.

That’s what the actual owners of all this wealth have wanted to do for centuries. So you have to ask yourselves — what’s stopping you, Anna? Why haven’t you and all the other heirs just gotten together and spent the money to make this place a paradise? And I have to reply:

First, it was the Church, bent on some crazy plan to make the Pope the Trustee of the entire planet and give all money and power and control to him.

Second, it was the Courts, bent on some crazy plan to make the Queen of England the Ruler of the entire planet and give all money and power and control to her and the Lord Mayor of London.

Third, it’s been our own “US” Military and all the “Intelligence Agencies”, bent on some crazy plan to occupy all countries on Earth and maintain “order” via electronic tagging and tracking technology. That is, turn this planet into a giant military prison, with people treated like livestock.

It’s time for all this crap to end.

I have talked with most of the other direct heirs from all over this planet, and none of them are megalomaniacs. None of them want to rule the Earth — they just want to save the Earth and the people on it.

So, of the options we have, I do believe that honesty is the best policy. Admit who all this stuff really belongs to, and let us get on with the work of distributing it and deploying the money in ways that will directly benefit the people and the Earth. Once you truly understand that we are all “sparks of God”, no other choice is even rational.

All the heirs are Fiduciaries of multiple countries and nations, so it isn’t as if there are axes to grind or hatreds to fuel, no concerns about religious or racial differences.

There is just one mankind and we are all part of it.

So long as we keep our attention fixed on that one absolute truth, we’ll do fine.

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