Shout Out to North Dakota — Want to End the Civil War??? — Justice Anna Von Reitz

July 22, 2021

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

Strange as it may be, there was never any Peace Treaty to end the Civil War.

So, unofficially, this mercenary conflict simply continued on, and our country remained in a perpetual state of war and emergency from 1861 to today.

The Reconstruction of our lawful government was never finished. This left our six cylinder engine clunking along on four.

And it created a situation by which foreign governments could “legally” pillage and plunder us, impersonate us and subject us to crimes of personage and barratry, and create all sorts of unjust enrichment opportunities for themselves while pretending to be our protectors and trustees.

That situation is rapidly coming to an end.

Now, we have Big News to share with the people of North Dakota. All forty- nine of your Sister States of the Union have taken action to sign off on a Peace Treaty which unilaterally ends the Civil War and puts an end to slavery as well.

You are the last State in the Nation that needs to declare your position on this issue. Everyone else in this country has spoken loud and clear — end the war, declare the peace, and end the institution of slavery once and for all time anywhere on our shores.

North Dakota is the only State left still dragging its feet.

That’s why if you live in North Dakota or know anyone who lives in North Dakota, you need to be on the phone — either to declare and join your State Assembly so you can vote on this key issue, or to alert friends and family in North Dakota that their State is in danger.


Yes, because if North Dakota doesn’t vote on this and declare in favor of the Peace Treaty, it will be the only State in the Union still allowing slavery — and all the slavers will flock to North Dakota. All the criminals that have been benefiting themselves at our expense, will be taking up residence in North Dakota and plying their awful trade from bases in North Dakota.

Is that what you want for your State?

Get moving, North Dakota! Do it today!

Go to: to get in touch with your Coordinator and your State Assembly today!

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