10 Unique Points about Cuba and Iran Dictatorship

1. Iran and Cuba do not allow abortion or kill their babies for profit gain.

2. They don’t allow central banks to rape their people using usury/interest.

3. They don’t allow criminals like the the stock market rats a.k.a Wall Street to milk and bilk their people.

4. They don’t allow criminal organizations such as the Military and the Pharma Industrial Complex to wage wars against their people.

5. They don’t allow the Khazarian Mafia Corporations to enter their country and rape their economy.

6. They respect Gods’ prophets and messengers, including Abraham, Mosses, and Jesus.

7. They respect International treaties and never waged wars against other nations.

8. They don’t allow genetic food, and, they feed their people only organic food.

9. They execute the criminals and hang them publicly on the avenues for everyone to see, and they don’t allow them to bankrupt their corporation then use revolving doors.

10. They’ve got dignity and sovereignty and they will never allow corporate criminals such as the State of Israel Inc., the U.S. Inc., the U.S.A Inc. or U.K. Inc. to invade and rob their country.

Please spread the word, let the people know how bad the dictatorship in those countries. Be careful people! If you visit those sovereign independent countries, they will feed you Organic and Healthy Food!

Ten Unique Points about Cuba and Iran Dictatorship

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