10 Unique Points about Cuba and Iran Dictatorship

1. Iran and Cuba do not allow abortion or kill their babies for profit gain.

2. They don’t allow central banks to rape their people using usury/interest.

3. They don’t allow criminals like the the stock market rats a.k.a Wall Street to milk and bilk their people.

4. They don’t allow criminal organizations such as the Military and the Pharma Industrial Complex to wage wars against their people.

5. They don’t allow the Khazarian Mafia Corporations to enter their country and rape their economy.

6. They respect Gods’ prophets and messengers, including Abraham, Mosses, and Jesus.

7. They respect International treaties and never waged wars against other nations.

8. They don’t allow genetic food, and, they feed their people only organic food.

9. They execute the criminals and hang them publicly on the avenues for everyone to see, and they don’t allow them to bankrupt their corporation then use revolving doors.

10. They’ve got dignity and sovereignty and they will never allow corporate criminals such as the State of Israel Inc., the U.S. Inc., the U.S.A Inc. or U.K. Inc. to invade and rob their country.

Please spread the word, let the people know how bad the dictatorship in those countries. Be careful people! If you visit those sovereign independent countries, they will feed you Organic and Healthy Food!

Ten Unique Points about Cuba and Iran Dictatorship

Here is a Lawful Truth for the World to finally realize!

You can talk about Cuba communism and Iran dictatorship all day long, that’s not our business. We the American State Nationals focus on our country home, our families, serve our people, mind our business, and working very hard reconstructing our Lawful Unincorporated government, which has been shutdown by Money Changers since 1860’s.

Here are some facts for the world to read and study. The United States of America is, and still, under a brutal name stealing occupation since 1860’s, which took place as a mega-corporate take over during Abraham Lincoln time. Abraham Lincoln was a BAR attorney rat, he was the first CEO of U.S. Inc., and, he led a mercenary war between the North and South based on corporate and banking interest needs. The war was engineered by the bankers against the sovereign American people to force them into a corporate government, a.k.a cryptic fascism, and, defrauding the rest of the world that Americans had a civil war.

The central banking criminal cartel, proved to be the enemy number one of man kind. They have engineered and funded all type of wars, including the corporate take over war against the sovereign people of America in 1860’s. They have transformed North America, the land of the brave to a piracy base, waging all type of wars against other nations. Please note, the U.S. Inc. and the U.S.A. Inc. whom owned by the Holy Roman Empire and British Crown bankers, were and still, using our people as human resources for their mercenaries war operations. They have used our American war flag, our language, our seals, our land, and our names in order to rob, steal, plunder, and wage all type of wars against other nations. They have committed the most horrific crimes against humanity, animals, and nature, all under our name, and, no wonder why the world hate the Americans and see them as Evil Empire.

Through legalese fraud, which don’t apply on Living Men and living Women, through the fraud of name stealing, and engineered wars, the banking criminal cartels invaded the rest of the world to plant their central banks in each nation. If any nation resist, they will put sanction on them and declare all type of wars against them. The U.S. Inc. and U.S.A. Inc. built nine hundred military bases around the world, to spread and force their corporatism and their banking system on other nations, while, we the American people are being sucked dry by their brutal Taxes, and loaded with mountains of debt to fund their WAR Machine, while, we are being killed by poisoned genetic modified food, and, while our babies are being killed in the wombs for profit gain since the 70’s.

Please remember, most people who lives here and around the world don’t know truly what on earth is going on, and believe that US government is by, of, and for the people, but in reality, it’s just a corporate government, planted since 1860’s by, of, and for the banking criminal cartel and their cronies in Wall Street Stock exchange.

The fraud was applied through time using multiple layers of semantic deceit, which heavily took place in 1930’s during FDR CEO time. The criminals in FDR administration transformed all people into fictional entities and corporate things, allowing the bankers to engineer the largest name stealing operation ever recorded in history against a sovereign nation. Yes, a mega-fraud have been applied on the American people without their knowledge or their consent.

With this being said, the people who are born here, and all immigrants who are coming to North America regardless where they have born, are being infiltrated, captured, and kidnapped legally into the Sea jurisdiction without full disclosure or their consent. This evil process, legally allowed the criminals to consider living people as dead things, corporations, cargo ships, goods, and material parts, hence they were able to apply draconian USC and maritime codes on people, stripping out a living man and living woman from all their God’s unalienable rights.

So, what is the remedy? We call every U.S. and U.S.A citizens to correct their political status today, join their State Assembly as State Citizens, step up for their Public Duty. We have all been infiltrated and captured since birth time. Only Lawful American State Nationals standing under the Public law, have the capacity to reconstruct a Lawful Unincorporated government and restore the Law of the land.

Correct your status today, at The American States Assemblies website.


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