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The age of corona: Is it a psychological warfare? Part 1


How could a virus travel around the world and impact all countries without affecting the two largest cities besides Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai? Since the Chinese government did not close the country on the first day of the virus’s discovery. If this virus is really dangerous and contagious as the media portrays it to be, then why has it not spread in all regions of China like wildfire, especially since China possesses one of the fastest and most modern transportation networks in the world!

Didn’t a single person travel from Wuhan to Beijing or Shanghai prior to the complete closure? This alleged virus was discovered in early December of 2019 and was not announced until the full closure which occurred at the end of January 2020. This was enough time for the virus to spread, as it was logical and expected that it would spread throughout China without control, and therefore there are only two possibilities: A) There is no virus called “COVID-19”, B) There is a virus, China is completely closed, and people are dying by the hundreds of thousands. How can we find out the truth?

The age of corona: The fifth generation warfare – Part 2

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