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The age of corona: The fifth generation warfare – Part 2


Gradually, conventional war and its artillery are being replaced by psychological media warfare. The artillery this time are Corona viruses. It is impossible to believe that all this noise in the news is true; who deserves to be believed? Common sense or false news produced by media companies which are controlled by central banks and pharmaceutical companies? There is no doubt that there are Corona viruses and not just one virus, plenty of them, that’s not something new. Why is there all this media hype at this particular time? For years, influenza viruses have been constantly evolving. Why now? Besides, the media doesn’t want us to know the truth and the importance of viruses and germs’ continuous development. That’s crucial for the human immune system to be in continuous development as well, thus the human body acquires a strong immune system. That’s how things are measured in the world of evolution; there is no way for humanity to survive without evolution at all levels. Among the most important stages of human development is eating unprocessed, organic, healthy food, and interacting with the surrounding environment in all its aspects, including the risks of viruses and germs so that the immune system can recognize it and then deal with it.

Note: Some doctors are saying that the fifth generation of communication devices interfere and change the structure of oxygen and weaken the immune system through a high amount of radiation. Thus, with radiation, weakened immune systems, and insufficient oxygen might turn the corona virus into a 10-times-deadly-virus!


They are countless and also dangerous, the alleged “COVID-19” may be one of the most dangerous, but there is not enough and accurate information to prove the existence of a new influenza virus called “COVID-19”. Thousands of people die every day in all countries of the world due to various diseases, most notably influenza or the so-called Corona, and it is natural that deaths are recorded by doctors as a result of “COVID-19” virus as it is simply the most recent of influenza virus.

Influenza – every day, this virus kills thousands of people around the world! This is not something new, especially for the elderly and vulnerable such as those with a weakened immune system. There is nothing new about this topic, but what is new and dangerous is that there is no laboratory or microscopic examination that clearly, accurately and distinctly prove the existence of the so-called “COVID-19” among influenza viruses (Corona). So, we can say that all people around the world in general have types of Corona virus known as influenza, and if the governments were frank with their people, an independent study would have been found to prove to the world the existence of the “COVID-19” virus in a distinct and accurate way from the rest of the Corona family’s viruses. On the contrary, most of the reports circulating in the media talk about “COVID-19” virus based solely on a quote from the “World Health Organization” and there is no documented and conclusive scientific evidence by independent scientists that prove or deny the existence of a new influenza virus called “COVID-19”.

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