The Licensing and Conversion Abuses

May 04, 2023

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claims March 6th 2005, January 19th 2023 in Seq:

A license is a permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal.

We have already touched upon the abusive use of licensing and the unlawful conversion of natural rights into privileges with respect to the practice of law and the practice of medicine, both, as well as the right to travel on the public roads.

All these occupations and activities and many more have been licensed for profit and to gain coercive power and control. The very worst of these encroachments has been the licensing of marriage. People have been misled to believe that they must have a license to be married.

This is an offense against God and Man, reducing the marital relationship to a commercial arrangement, complete with undisclosed Third Party Partners in the form of the Municipal Corporation franchises issuing the licenses.

Such so-called Civil Marriages are interpreted as joint business ventures, with the unseen Municipal Corporation franchise interest claiming an ownership interest in the “products” of these JVs — the children, homes, private possessions and other assets.

No wonder our personal relationships have increasingly been reduced to commercial deals, with both men and women thinking of each other in commercial terms: shopping for a good deal, changing to a new model when the old one is worn and tired.

If people don’t get these marriage licenses, their relationship is denigrated and called into question, their access to various kinds of private insurance protection as a couple is denied, their authority to speak for each other as husband and wife is denied, their ability to be recognized as a family unit is injured and many other harms accrue both to the individual people and the family as a whole.

While all this might have some administrative utility from the standpoint of resolving marital disputes in an efficient manner, it does not enter into the truth of the matter and is based on an essential fraud under force, first, in the presentation of the demand for licensure and payment for licensure under color of law, second, in the imposition of punishment for not obeying the demand for licensure, and third, in the dreadful non-disclosure involved.

This peculiarly obnoxious licensing practice started in this country in the aftermath of the so- called American Civil War, when former plantation slaves were required to meet various standards of financial and employment stability and social competence before they could marry. This was pure racial prejudice enacted as legislation. The Perpetrators feared that black people would proliferate and become indigent and create a burden on the quote, “productive elements of society”.

This repugnant licensing was gradually misapplied to everyone, colored or not, on the presumption that if they applied for a marriage license, they must be colored or must be voluntarily adopting Municipal citizenship.

This played into and supported the Legal Presumption that anyone who held a Marriage License needed one, and must be further presumed to be a Municipal citizen of the United States. This was, of course, convenient, as the “citizens of the United States” were defined as guilty debtors, pre-judged, and obligated to pay whatever charges were assessed against them by 14th Amendment to the 1868 Corporation “Constitution”.

Thus, one entrapment and imposition upon the natural rights of mankind led to another, and the whole web of lies, prejudice, and self-interest served to support the other parts.

This widespread system of goading people to apply for Marriage Licenses with social and insurance sanctions on one side, and misplaced assumptions of propriety on the other, has led to nearly everyone getting Marriage Licenses and being unknowingly pulled into this unholy union with a Municipal Corporation franchise, which then claims a right to dispose of the property of the Joint Venture — custody of the children, and ownership of the family home, and so on. It also secretly serves to further obligate the victims of this non-disclosure to the burdens of Municipal citizens.

The Territorial Congress seized upon the freed black plantation slaves by assuming that they were rendered stateless persons and conferring Municipal citizenship on them — again, conveniently, the precise political status required to pay the debts of the British Territorial Municipal Corporation.

In this way, private slave ownership in this country was abolished, and immediately afterward, public slavery was institutionalized.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger,
Fiduciary The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 4th 2023

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