The Questions to Ask

Feb 20, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

1. Where’s the proof that the “Covid 19” Virus exists?

(They can’t prove it exists, because it is patented and under a “National Security” declaration — and if they exposed that, they’d not only be infringing the patent, and breaching ‘National Security” they would be opening up investigation into its genesis as a bioweapon at Fort Detrick, Maryland. There is no way in hell that any of these yahoos are going to prove anything about the existence of this virus, which makes all their mandates moot.)

2. Where’s the proof that Justin Trudeau has any “Emergency Powers” that pertain to the General Public in Canada? Alternatively, where is the proof that Joe Biden has any “Emergency Powers” related to the General Public in America?

(Trudeau doesn’t have any emergency powers that pertain to the Public and neither does Joe Biden. As “Presidents” of commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, the only such “powers” they have pertain exclusively to their actual employees and dependents— and then only as a condition of employment or dependency. People can quit, remember?)

3. Exactly when did the actual Public Government of Canada grant the City of Ottawa the land it is sitting on?

(They didn’t, because the actual Public Government of Canada has never yet convened to consider the question of granting municipal charters. All municipal charters were granted by the Queen’s defunct Commonwealth Government, and the Territorial Government has no jurisdiction related to land grants in Canada. The same situation applies all across America and most of the rest of the world, too. In America, the situation is even worse, because we specifically prohibited Municipal charters outside of Washington, DC, and there has been no action by the actual Public Government changing that prohibition. They are “squatting” on our land and soil, squatting in our public buildings, and squatting in our courts.)

4. Where is any authority granted to the Queen’s Territorial Government by the people of Canada to fly the flag of Canada at any time since the dissolution of the Commonwealth?

(They’ve been hobbling along on this issue in America based on the historical delegation of powers, but in Canada they have no right to fly the Canadian flag. Without authority to use the flag in any venue, they represent only a private illegal mercenary force akin to the Raj in India—- and the illegality and human rights issues attached to that dark history are well-settled. The British Crown and the Government of Westminster is 100% commercially and personally liable for all property damage, all harm done to any Canadian.)

5. Where is the proof that any trucker or any peaceful convoy of trucks organized to participate in a public protest is acting in the realm of commerce while engaged in this activity?

(There isn’t any. They would have to prove that the truckers were voluntarily engaged in commercial activity— instead of a public protest, in order to regulate their activity. When the truckers — either here or in Canada — declare their purpose and act accordingly, any pretense of authority related to regulation of commercial activity or exercise of commercial driver licenses is moot. This is important because without proof of a commercial connection, all Territorial and Municipal regulatory authority is stripped. People have an absolute right to use public roads for private purposes.)

6. How does the Municipal Government cross over into the realm of the Territorial Government and vice-versa?

(The commercial corporations in both jurisdictions have been colluding to fleece and control the Public that they are supposed to serve since the 1930’s. In America, this collusion is memorialized as The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in the United States. They often play Good Cop/Bad Cop to give the Public the impression that they are separate and opposed, when in fact they are in bed together and working hand-in-hand.)

I could go on….and on…..and on….. but you get the idea. The burden of proof is on them. They have to prove their jurisdiction and authority. Or shut up and stand down.

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