The Search for a Scapegoat

Thursday, January 28, 2021

By Judge Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

For those who are not aware, scapegoats were used as a kind of perverse sacrifice in Ancient Israel — they were loaded with the sins of the community and set loose out in the Wilderness to die.  

The progenitor and archetype of all scapegoats is the innocent child, Ishmael, who was sent out into the desert with his Mother,  Abraham’s concubine, to die. But the True God remembered Hagar and her child, and made sure that she and the young boy survived, thrived, and went on to become a great nation in spite of everything. 

Love and justice prevail because the True God sees and hears and responds. 

Everywhere we look, everything we hear, someone, somewhere, is pushing to find a scapegoat.  We are bombarded by it night and day — “It’s the Russians!”  “It’s the Chinese!”  “It’s the bankers!”, “It’s the Jews!”, “It’s the Israelis!”, “It’s blacks!”, “It’s whites!”, “It’s Protestants!”, “It’s Catholics!”, “It’s the Democrats!”, “It’s the Republicans!” — and on and on and on.  

It’s none of them.  It’s the Devil himself, and nobody and nothing else.  Satan is not a scapegoat.  He’s a contender.

And his agenda is to destroy humankind— all people, everywhere.   

No exceptions.  No mercy for anyone for any reason.  Death for all. 

Once you realize this and realize that all these apparent divisions must be healed and that Satan, who is present in every race, every religion, every color, every kind —- must be recognized and cast away as the Father of All Lies, then, at last we can be free. 

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Source: The Search for a Scapegoat PDF

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