The Trouble in Utah

Sunday, January 3, 2021

By Anna Von Reitz

Jacqueline Smith, the volunteer Coordinator for Utah, was asked to step down in November of this past year.

The reasons for this were discussed with her, and now, must be discussed in Public with the Utah Assembly and the rest of the Assemblies Nationwide. It is apparent from the response that I just received that these people are playing with half a deck and need a full and comprehensive view.

All State Assemblies are defined in precisely the same way.

All Americans living within the borders of any State can claim their birthright political status and adopt the State where they have been living for over a year as their permanent “house and home”. They are then eligible to join their State Assembly, and depending on their own situation, can choose to join as a State National or as a State Citizen.

The same goes for legal immigrants. Anyone who has gone through the Naturalization process to become a United States Citizen can join and make the same choice, under the same conditions, as if they were born here.

Prior to volunteering to act as a Coordinator for Utah, Jackie was the leader of something calling itself the “Alliance Community”. It has become apparent that this patriot group simply saw an opportunity to step in and mold things according to their agenda, using the Assembly organization effort as a storefront to promote their ideas, their agendas, their grievances — and to hell with the actual job that needs to be done for the all the people throughout the State as a whole.

Although the Utah Assembly under Jackie’s leadership has made some laudable progress toward basic goals, Utahans who are otherwise eligible to participate and who need to record their paperwork, have been given “the run around” — and not just for a couple weeks. For months.

The baseline prejudice seems to be against members of the LDS (Latter Day Saints) Church, who for the most part, are as loyal to this country and its principles as anyone else, and against Federal Workers who can participate as State Nationals.

The Alliance Community is not The Utah Assembly, so a line must be drawn against: (1) exclusion of eligible members; (2) and promotion of a private club as a public body.

In discussing things with Jackie I suggested that she focus her attention on getting the Utah Jural Assembly up and operating, as court processes and operations seem to be her personal interest.

She initially responded by claiming that Utah had a “constitutional right” to choose its own Coordinator, which instantly belied two fundamental bits of ignorance on her part and perhaps on the part of the people she is attempting to lead.

Coordinators, as I have repeatedly instructed everyone, do not work for the State they are assisting. They work for The United States of America while they are engaged in the task of organizing an Assembly for their State.

Second, none of us Americans stand under any Constitution. We all stand under The Declaration of Independence, instead. Only our Federal Employees stand under the Constitutions. That is the way it is, and the way it has always been.

I was naturally disappointed and alarmed that someone operating as a Coordinator would be so misinformed and obviously, misinforming others.

We all make mistakes, but when you don’t know who you work for and the capacity in which you are acting and the authority that you stand under, those are enormous mistakes. I explained all the above to Jackie and repeated my suggestion that she focus on working to put the Utah Courts together and let someone else take over the Coordinator position.

She asked for time to think about the situation and work on a transition, with a response due on January 6, 2021. I agreed and have been faithfully waiting for Utah to get it’s own ducks in order.

Meantime, several other frustrated and angry Utahans started a backlash movement against Jackie’s leadership and started making up “new” Declarations of Independence to purportedly overthrow the government she represented.

Basically, she excluded them and played games with them instead of letting them participate and instead of helping them get the services they needed, so they were bent on excluding her and her “Alliance Community” group.

Although I obviously had nothing whatsoever to do with this wrong-headed “New” Declaration of Independence stunt, I received a nastygram this evening from Jackie accusing me of starting this silliness, and failing to take responsibility for the situation and also continuing her failure to take appropriate action to assist, educate, and help the people of Utah move forward to a position of safety and self-governance.

This shows an unhinged and illogical thought process at work, and a character fault and failure of leadership that we cannot condone and cannot have in someone representing The United States of America.

How anyone in Utah could imagine that I would be part of insurrection against our lawful government is beyond me. In my world, there is one Declaration of Independence, and we, Americans, all stand under it.

Unlike Jackie, and apparently some others in the present group, I am not confused about the sources of the various authorities needed to run our government — state, national, and international.

There have been other incidents of wrong-headed “drama” coming from Utah that distracted from the actual work to be done and interfered with the progress and peace of The Utah Assembly as a whole, but as these involve similar off-the-wall accusations and lack of accountability involving other innocent people, I will let this suffice.

I am calling upon a new volunteer Coordinator to step up and organize The Utah Assembly, because it is now very clear that whatever is there now has not been given the correct information and doesn’t have the right logic standing behind it.

Candidates should have clean criminal records, must have lived in Utah for at least one year—the longer, the better, should be healthy, level-headed, emotionally stable, willing to work, devoted to the State and to our country as a whole, familiar with the Founding Documents, hopefully familiar with the paperwork involved in claiming original birthright political status, a reliable telephone connection and we, hope, a computer and some computer skills enabling them to answer emails.

The Coordinator’s job is not easy. It requires a basic love of people and of country and a flat-footed dedication to getting this job of gathering people together, educating them, helping them complete their paperwork, and then, together, forming the four (4) basic parts of their State Assembly: General Assembly (for everyone) , International Assembly (for State Citizens), Jural Assembly and Courts, and Assembly Militia.

But the most important thing about a Coordinator is that they must be honest and inclusive and stand above “politics” and paranoia. They must remember that we are all in this together, and that no State will stand alone. They must make it their business to be peacemakers and worthy leaders.

This isn’t High School. And it isn’t a private club.

It is our honor and our duty to thoroughly educate ourselves and have courage and nerve enough to self-govern according to the Laws and Principles set down by our Forefathers. If there is going to be any “New” Declaration of Independence, it is going to come from our Continental Congress, not a handful of misguided people in Utah.

Source: The Trouble in UtahPDF

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