There Are Two “Forces” of Occupation

January 20, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

I understand why people are confused. They are being deliberately kept confused by those who benefit themselves from our confusion.

Tonight, I received word that countermeasures will be taken against the Municipal Government by the Territorial Government.

The Territorial Government is claiming that this is okay under the Geneva Conventions, because the Municipal Government Perps have had one full year in which to declare themselves as belligerents — one way or the other — and they haven’t done it.

All those who have been resisting my instruction to declare their birthright political status and place it on the Public Record —take heed! If you are not identifiable as an American civilian, you can be mistaken for an “Enemy” and shot, jailed, and/or have your property confiscated.

It is crucial for all of you to know and accept the fact that your country has been occupied by two opposing Mercenary Armies since 1860. They are engaged in the world’s longest running “mercenary conflict”, and it is right here on your shores. Being clueless will not save you.

Having your identity and political status declared on the Public Record may be the only thing that prevents you from being misidentified in the maelstrom they are now creating.

It is certainly better to declare yourselves as American civilians than to leave it up to the British-American Raj to interpret your identity and status. Knowing that you are owed the Law of Peace established in the Army Regulations may save you. Flying your American Peacetime Flag may save you and identify your household as being at peace.

According to the Territorial Government, they will have the right to undertake military action in defense of the country at noon on January 20th, the day the 2020 Presidential Election was certified despite evidence of massive voter fraud brought forward by Italy and other foreign governments and agencies.

The situation is being compared to the situation the Allies faced at the end of World War II, where the Nazi-Sympathizing Vichy French Government was still in place in France and had to be removed, even though technically it was French and civilian in nature.

The members of the Vichy Government, though French, owed their political allegiance to the Nazis, and had to be removed from power by force.

In the same way, the Municipal Government and its agents owe their political allegiance to the Pope and Rome, and when they operate the quote-unquote “American Government” they are acting as Undeclared Foreign Agents.

Most Municipal Agents (and U.S. Territorial Citizens) are American by birth, and they appear to be as American as everyone else, but in fact, they have abandoned their American political status and are working for a different foreign government while appearing to be American and acting under color of authority.

It’s true that the Municipal Government has done that, but don’t forget three very important points:

Both of these entities, Territorial and Municipal, are foreign forces of (1) occupation so far as we are concerned. Both of these entities, the Territorial and the Municipal “Governments” are in (2) fact foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing government services, so the only kind of war they can engage in is a mercenary conflict. Both of these incorporated “governmental services corporations” are
(3) ultimately owned by the Pope, so there is no excuse for any fight or failure to resolve this long-standing debacle peacefully.

What should happen now is what should have happened in 1865.

There should be a full-scale public admission and explanation of the circumstance. And then Americans should step forward, declare themselves, and engage in the first Public Elections in 160 years, to elect new leaders of an actual American civilian government, without regard to political parties (which are foreign).

The partisan private shareholder elections that everyone has hitherto — and incorrectly — assumed to be Public Elections, need to be disclosed for what they are, and all participants given full and complete disclosure.

This should be simple to do with modern communications technologies and does not require any bloodshed or fighting or destruction of property. The Bigger Picture here is one of administrative dishonesty and incompetence.

The issues that really need to be addressed are all issues of breach of trust, unjust enrichment and identity theft, evasion of Public Law, conspiracy against the Constitution, and similar crimes —-and they need to be handled as crimes, not as political issues.

Both “armies” of occupation need to stand down and support the actual American Government that they in fact owe allegiance to. If the U.S. Military wants to arrest the rotters, they are well-within their rights and duty to do so — without using our country as a battlefield, and our mostly clueless people as targets.

The formal “declaration” of oneself is a necessary evil in “occupied territory” and against this backdrop of internecine corporate “mercenary wars” it becomes even more crucial.

Everyone who receives this message is being forewarned.

Go to the website and fill out and record your “1779 Declaration” now. All Americans are advised to obtain your own American peacetime flag and fly it.

Make it clear that you are a peaceable Third Party American.

We appeal to the High Courts and all Administrative Powers and Assigns, to yield to the Truth and serve a permanent protective injunction covering all the Americans, who are owed good faith and service from both the Territorial and Municipal Governments, and who hereby object to the promotion of any warfare on our shores.

We, the actual States and People, have been at peace since 1814. We are not, ultimately, a war-like people and fully deserve to live in peace without any transgressions or continued damage caused by misdirected employees —and all resulting from the Pope’s failure to control corporations that he owns and operates.

Make no mistake. This situation is dangerous and requires action and awareness. Whatever the U.S. Military is planning is likely to take place very rapidly, without forewarning to the population in general, and will be veiled in ignorance —- you can bet that the soldiers executing the orders will have no actual knowledge of who they are fighting or why, and will have no idea what ends they are serving.

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