There Is No Debt. Joe’s Hamburger Shop 2.0

Feb 23, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

This is fundamentally important.

For over a hundred years we have been living in a debt-credit zero sum economic system. By definition, there can be and there is no debt.

No debt for you, no debt for me, not even any debt for the government or institutional debt for corporations.

What we are seeing instead is a massive failure of accountability and accounting, that gives the appearance of debt.

Go back to Joe’s Hamburger Shop. You give Joe an I.O.U., and Joe gives you a hamburger. You still owe Joe for a hamburger, right? Right.

So time goes on, and your debt grows and grows and grows, because you never pay Joe for all the hamburgers he’s given you over time. You always use credit and kick payment down the road.

But can you pay Joe?

Yes, you can. You can choose to use actual money and pay Joe off in a heartbeat. The use of credit was arbitrary.

The only reason credit was used instead of actual payment was this — The United States Constitution requires the States to pay for services using gold and silver money, and it requires the government subcontractors providing services to the States to operate off of credit.

Go back to Joe’s Hamburger Shop again.

Joe’s customer has a Silver Dollar in his pocket that is worth four hamburgers, but he doesn’t want to spend that Silver Dollar because it is gaining value, and because Joe can’t give him back change in silver coin.

Joe’s customer also has a credit card or a Federal Reserve Note to get his burger on credit. So he chooses to use credit instead of making payment.

Here’s the entire point, folks — he can make payment. It’s just a choice. The same is true of us and our States and the other countries around the world, too. All of us have more than enough actual asset money to pay off our debts in a heartbeat.

All this nonsense about “Debt Default” and “Can Never Pay All the Pensions” is silliness. It’s ignorance, or worse, it’s fraud.

The governments can’t pay their debts, that’s true, but then, they never could. Their I.O.U. currency has devalued to the point that it is now all but worthless —- but in the meantime, the value of our actual gold and silver has been growing.

All any country has to do is: (1) balance the books and (2) clear off credit exchanges, and (3) then pay off any remainder with gold and silver money.

This whole “debt emergency’ is nothing but a big accounting scam, created by people who think we are ignorant.

We, the People, have the asset-backed money to actually pay debt. All the government has is credit, and when you exercise credit, all you do is create MORE debt.

So the solution is simple. Spend that Silver Dollar.

And demand that the bookkeeping be done.

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