Union States v. States of the Union? Nah!

Feb 28, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

Ask yourselves— why do you always assume that when you have two distinct separate things, that you have to choose between them?

Why do you automatically assume that there has to be a competition or an enmity between them?

You have been taught to think this way and to make those assumptions, and it is not for your benefit.

Pssst….It’s so that Third Parties can more readily manipulate your reactions and opinions.

Today’s such Useless Controversy in the Patriot Realm is the idea that there is a competition between Union States and States of the Union.

There isn’t.

Imagine two big doors, both of them going into a large auditorium.

One of the doors has a sign on it saying, “State of the Union: Automatic County Seating. Unlimited Liability Claims. Immediate International and Global Representation.”

The other door has a sign on it saying, “Union State. County Seating Only. Limited Liability Claims. No International or Global Representation.”

You can use either door to get into the auditorium, right? But the door you use determines the services and status you can access once you are inside.

When the pros and cons of either entrance are cut down to these basic, simple facts, most of us can see the advantages of choosing the State of the Union entrance, and this is why we organized the American States Assembly effort in terms of populating our States —and populating our Counties at the same time — instead of trying to populate our Counties separately and then going back and populating our States.

There is another practical reason, too, summed by a Maxim of Law: As a thing is bound, so it is unbound.

Basically, this means that we have to start where we are and deal with how we got there.

Like it or not, virtually everyone in this country starts out with a foreign registration in the form of a Birth Certificate. This places us “out at sea” in British Territorial United States jurisdiction and misidentifies us as British Territorial United States Citizens— not Americans.

We have to deal with that fact, and we do, by declaring our birthright political status and placing it on the Public Record. This is how we return home to the land — and from the land, we can reach the soil jurisdiction, too.

The same is not true when you try to go in the opposite direction and just “jump” from being out at sea to being on the soil jurisdiction of your County with nothing in between.

This is because the international jurisdiction of the sea interfaces with the international jurisdiction of the land, but it does not directly interface with the national soil jurisdiction. As a result, with respect to our national soil jurisdiction organized as County Governments, there is “no way to get there from here” from the international jurisdiction of the sea.

Our Forefathers deliberately organized two separate levels of government — State and County — and did it in this way to protect and isolate our national interest at the County level.

The Counties taken together form the Union State, which occupies the all-important National Soil Jurisdiction.

The States of the Union function exclusively in International and Global jurisdiction.

As a result, you have apples and you have oranges, have need for both, and no reason to deprive yourself of one or the other.

Our American Counties, comprising the Union States, have one and only one interface with the outside world, and that is through our American States of the Union.

So if you are out at sea, as we all are as a result of the Birth Certificate process, you have to retrace your steps to get home—enter the land jurisdiction of the State of the Union, and via that pathway, gain access to the soil jurisdiction of the County where you live and which is part of your Union State.

We have people all over this country trying to do this in backward order; and, we admit, because the Counties taken together make up the States, it’s anti-intuitive to start out with the States.

But—-remember, in terms of jurisdictional location, we are not starting out on the soil this time. This time, we’ve been shanghaied out to sea and are starting out from the international jurisdiction of the sea, A whole different starting point is involved and if we ignore that, we do so to our endangerment and the endangerment of all our efforts.

These same people who are organizing county by county believe that they can simply decry the entire Birth Certificate process as fraud—but it is obviously not fraud for the British Territorial citizenry that does exist. There are plenty of Americans who voluntarily sign up as U.S. Citizens. So we don’t think that claiming universal fraud will cut it.

We would rather follow the Maxim of Law than try out any new legal theories about blanket fraud claims overturning what appear on the record as individual contract choices.

For all these practical reasons and also because of the urgent need to recoup our international representation and secure our claims to our assets, treaties, and commercial contracts, the American States Assembly has chosen the State Door and initiated our pathway.

Others, trying to organize county-by-county, have chosen the County Door — and that is all well and good as far as it goes, but they will not have the clear and logical jurisdictional pathway to support their actions, and they will still have to individually declare their birthright political status and place it on the Public Record, in order for it to be honored, and even if they succeeded in organizing over 3100 Counties, they would still have to organize their State Government and form a new Federation of States to represent their interests in international and global jurisdictions —- which would vacate our existing Treaties and Constitutional Guarantees and would allow the New World Order plenty of time to steal our assets.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and get started. Reclaim your own estate as an American, repopulate your State of the Union, and repopulate your Union State counties at the same time. 1, 2, 3…

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