Biosludged – The Greatest Crime | Mike Adams

How Sewage Biosludged Circling Back Onto Our Dinner Table – The Greatest Crime You’ve NEVER know | Mike Adams

What you hear is not for profit corporation anymore, rather, it’s a WAR against God’s creation. The Criminals exploiting everything around us as a War instrument, including Food, Water, Air, Electricity, Fuel, Education, Politics, News, Technology, Transportation, anything you think of is being exploited.

In order to wage this War against the Man kind world wide, first they have to kidnap us legally at Birth into their Sea Jurisdiction (Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 — The Strawman) and the only way to STOP these criminals is to first free ourselves from their Sea Jurisdiction/Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 and come home to the Land and Soil Jurisdiction.

I welcome you home brothers and sisters, join your fellow American State Nationals and State Citizens at to face the scum of the Earth – The Wall Street and Private Banking Cartel Criminals.




If you really are serious about knowing how to restore the Republic and your freedom you need to put some effort into knowing how our freedoms are being robbed from us by fraud, lack of full disclosure, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation every day of our lives and have been for over 100 years by the criminals who have hijacked our government, wealth, and heritage for their own gain and evil intentions.

Are you really required to file a 1040 income tax form with the IRS?

Are you really required to obey draconian codes and statutes issued by the so called “federal government”?

At Anna Von Reitz website you will learn precisely how Americans have been press-ganged into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea and have as a result been attached, attacked, and deprived of their rights and property under conditions of fraud, semantic deceit, and non-disclosure.

At The American States Assembly you will learn the lawful remedies for these problems and crimes committed against Americans. Remember, there is no statute of limitations against the crime of fraud, and that fraud destroys any contract that it touches.