Vox Populi – STATE OF GEORGIA, INC. Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#1

January 3, 2023

Note by O’Believers:

STATE OF GEORGIA, INC. is a fictitious entity a corporation owned by New York Stock Exchange and the Vatican bank.

D-U-N-S Number link for STATE OF GEORGIA, INC.


STATE OF GEORGIA, INC. is  a company with Key Principle and it can be owned by anyone one including Klaus Schwab the WEF.

Hello U.S., Inc. and U.S.A., Inc. Citizens, wake the hell up and Correct your status. We have all been infiltrated and captured.

Company Description: Key Principal: Brian Kemp Industry: Governors' office , Executive offices, State government

Name: Brian Kemp Title: Governor

As you know, we are not talking about Georgia State, rather, we are addressing a company, a corporation called STATE OF GEORGIA, INC., impersonating Georgia State as de-facto corporate government. So, if you are new to all this, browse this site and visit The American States Assemblies to know more about the great fraud.

The following advisory News Letter, was copied from clif high’s News Letter “Legislator Be Advised” series, and adjusted to address the STATE OF GEORGIA, INC. Legislator.

Vox Populi – Legislator Be Advised

Don’t Freak Out!

Panic won’t help now!

Legislators, and even their assistants, to some degree, are abysmally ignorant of the Zeitgeist. This is due to the nature of the forced isolation that politicians endure as isolation from the public is presumed necessary by the power structure in order to ‘ensure the safety’ of the politician.

The rationale is that once a human chooses to become a politician, they are at risk of harm from the body politic, presumably due to the ‘tough’ decisions that they must make as a politician.

We both know this is bogus.

The premise ONLY exists as the political system here in America, as well as most of the western liberal republics, has been infiltrated and subsumed by the WEF. This is the World Economic Forum, for those of you truly ignorant of your role as a stooge for the globalist masters. The cognoscenti refer to them as the ‘mother WEFfers’. Jay Inslee is a mother WEFfer, and, reputedly, is rather proud of it.

We are no longer playing the WEF ‘ignorant voter’ game. The People are waking up to the WEF media control and perpetual lies in support of perpetual slavery by the western central banks (WEF owned & controlled) in support of the perpetual wars.

The populace now wakes to the knowledge of the fake pandemic, the bioweapon called ‘covid 19 vaccines’, also known now as the “#deathshot”. It is known now that Fauci lied, and that covid was created for certain, and released quite deliberately by the WEF. Some of the goals of that bioweapon release was the stealing of the USA 2020 elections via mail-in voting, and drop boxes, among other mechanisms, all of which were created in the C19 bioweapon release. We know that foreign governments, as well as WEF controlled ‘intelligence services’ both here in the USA, and in other countries were participants…

We, the People, know SO much more. And we grow that knowledge by the day.

We, the Awake Populace, also is growing daily. Every day new people are awakened to the reality of the planetary take-over by the WEF, and their partially successful attempt at global depopulation.

As a ‘normie’ wakes, several things happen; as with all newly awakened people, they cannot stop talking about what they are now seeing in their reality that had been so carefully hidden; and the speak with passion. That passion ignites other humans, other normies to also awaken, and the process spreads like a developing neural net in learning mode.

We. the awake Populace, also know that the mother WEFfers will be DEFEATED in 2023.

Yes, it will take decades to clean up the mess created by these ‘globalist elites’ composed of self-selected, self-reinforcing evil pedophiles.


Panic won’t do you any good now!

Yes, there will be the inevitable over-swing of the pendulum as the Populace, then totally Awake, and Enraged, overwhelms the [DS] ( the “deep state”). Yes, this will be against the background of the total collapse of the USA and international banking system, thrusting the whole of the planet into a Greater Depression than in the 1930s, BUT as long as YOU personally have not committed any crimes, it is likely that you will NOT be prosecuted.

Persecution? That’s another matter. That’s why the ‘selected’ Federal level reps (senators & house members) voted themselves EACH to have $2.5 million dollars in ARMED private security starting now, in January, 2023. They know what is coming. They have been told by the ‘intelligence services’, that soon, there will be a day, where they dare not show their faces in public for fear of the reaction it will induce. So they need to understand, soon, state, local, or federal, NO politician will be able to walk the streets, safely.

This likely WILL affect their staff. As soon as it becomes known to the general public that a person is a staffer for a mother WEFfer stooge politician, well….there you go.

Yes, there will be the inevitable ‘mistakes’ as some in officialdom try to lay off their crimes on their assistants, but, even in the chaos of those rapidly approaching days, there still should be some ability for you to establish your innocence. Perhaps. Hmmm…it may be wise for people in lower power positions to collect such proof of innocence as they go along…just as a precaution. The over-swing of the anger, the actual Rage, of the Awakened Populace is not able to be judged from this point in time.

The take-away message is still DON’T PANIC.

It’s too late, and you have much more important things to do with your time, such as to really really think about what is happening in the world, the global WAR against the WEF by humanity, and just where YOUR destiny will place you, in this hugely energetic year of 2023.

Welcome to your new officialdom position. Note that the advice is to understand and act on the knowledge that your POSITION is NOT your JOB. Your job in 2023 is to NOT make mistakes and get ground up in the change of course now becoming visible in Humanity.

You can breathe a bit easier. It has been revealed recently by the Twitter files that, as the conspiracists thought, it is the [DS], the [deep state] that is the actual assassin of politicians. We know now that it was the CIA, in league with a cabal of politicians, who killed JFK.

All the other, so called ‘lone gunman’ attacks on politicians are now called into question as well. If the conspiracy experts are correct, this actually lowers the general risk to you as the [DS] will crumble significantly as the central banks fail, and their ability to bribe and extort vanishes. Then your only real concern will be to be navigating your RESPONSIBILITY to WE, the PEOPLE.

Source: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/vox-populi-legislator-be-advised-321

Vox Populi – STATE OF GEORGIA, INC. Legislator Be Advised 2023 #1

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