Why is The Corporations Act of 1870 a Key Issue?

Saturday, February 6, 2021

By Judge Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

We know that both corporate and incorporated entities have to be created by living people or Lawful Persons. These things don’t just get it on in a file drawer and procreate on their own. 

We know there is no provision for a Municipal Corporation to charter other Municipal Corporations, except as franchises.  So a Municipal Corporation has to be incorporated by a Territorial Corporation or other charter agent. 

The Territorial U.S. Government presumed to act “for” us and undertake the duties of our American Federal Republic, which the Territorial Government was never authorized to do — and, the specific unauthorized power that they seized upon in 1870 was the power to charter corporations.

So they usurped upon an instrumentality of our actual Government in Breach of Trust and commercial service contract by failing to observe the limitations of The Constitution of the United States of America, and to add insult to injury, they began creating British Territorial Corporations for themselves instead of American Corporations —even though they were purportedly exercising our power “for” us as faithful Trustees and acting in our best interests, etc., etc., etc. 


The next thing we notice is that the Territorial (also known as Commonwealth) Corporation chartered in Scotland in 1868 and doing business as “The United States of America” —Incorporated, converted what remained of The United States Congress into its own Board of Directors, and passes an “Act” claiming the right to charter corporations in our name, abusing our sovereign powers under conditions of fraud and semantic deceit, without any valid claim to such empowerment  —-and there we have The Corporations Act of 1870.  

The next year these same players and interlopers passed the infamous Act of 1871 seeking to create Municipal Corporations for their own benefit.  That got shot down and repealed in 1874, but the rats kept at it, and by 1878, the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia was formed under the auspices of the Scottish Territorial Corporation doing business as “The United States of America” — Inc. 

Now all of this is constructive fraud and fraud accomplished by semantic deceit and non-disclosure, identity theft, credit fraud, and Breach of Trust — and it is all built upon sand, just waiting for a good tide to wash it away.  And now, the tide has come. 

The Territorial United States Government acted in fraud to pass The Corporations Act of 1870 and acted “in our name” —it impersonated us to do this and pretended to be an Agent of our sovereignty— without our knowledge, consent, or delegated authority to do so.  

Using that initial fraud, the Scottish Interloper created Municipal CORPORATIONS of all kinds seeking to benefit itself — but pretending the whole time to “represent” us.   

The Municipal US CORPORATIONS that were created via this criminal enterprise all function under foreign law — Roman Civil Law, not American Public Law.  

The next thing we notice is that all these US CORPORATIONS can lie, cheat, steal, and promote all kinds of fraud and crime — as long as they don’t get caught, because they function under Roman Civil Law. 

And then, we notice that these US CORPORATIONS are included as US CITIZENS under the Diversity of Citizenship Clause.  This saddles all US CORPORATIONS with the obligations and debts of Municipal citizens of the United States.  

Oh, my.   

The Corporations Act of 1870 is null and void for lack of standing to enact it and also for constructive fraud, impersonation, and semantic deceit which led to other crimes of personage, identity theft, credit fraud, unlawful conversion, kidnapping, trafficking of Lawful Persons in violation of Article IV of both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America, inland piracy, and fraud, fraud, fraud.  

That means that the Act of 1871 (repealed in 1874) and all subsequent acts eventually creating the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia are null and void from inception.  

That means that all these corporations, both the US CORPORATIONS and the Territorial USA, Incorporated entities, were and are operating under invalid charters and don’t have any right to exist under international and global law.  And neither do any of the US CORPORATIONS and franchises they have subsequently incorporated have any right to exist — including all those incorporated under the State of Delaware operating as a Territorial franchise corporation.  

La-Dee-Dah.  These organizations are stateless and baseless and return by Operation of Law to the benefit of the American Government in liquidation. 

Our Employees explicitly did all this $%#@$^@ “in our names” and that means that we have the only valid ownership interest in all these creations and that the only way out of this situation — for the corporations — is to accept amnesty as lawful American Corporations, subject to the Public Law of this country, or face immediate and permanent liquidation.  

All of them.  Both USA Territorial Charters and US Municipal Charters are void. 

They have only one (1) option — to come home and be re-chartered under our lawful international jurisdiction, and stand under the Public Law, or be liquidated. 

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