Your Mission…Should you choose to accept it. By Clif High

May 25, 2022

You have to rebuild the World. Yep, you!

I know!?! Scary? Right?!

Well, how do you think we all feel about it? I mean, no offense, but relying on you to rebuild the World? Well…

It’s a big damn job. That’s why we are only giving you part of it. A key part, an important part, but still, only a fraction of the job.

The work will take a long, long damn time. For sure you’ll be busy the better part of the next two decades. Yes, maybe twenty years is a long time. Especially to someone your age. But not to worry, the time will fly by. You will be very busy.

Well…it’s up to you as to where you start. This is a universe-chose-your-ass kind of situation, so there are no rules. Maybe there are some guidelines laying about, we’ll look… but no protocols, no supervisors. It’s all up to you.

The rest of us guys will probably bitch and moan about some of your choices, but hey, you get to choose, so all we can do is bitch about the details.

I mean, we all know what we want the world to look like when you’re done, right? Mostly a lot of “No more”. Like “no more senseless wars killing other humans for the benefit of the Khazarian Mafia”. That sort of thing.

Well…me? I think if it were my choice, I’d start with the whole central banks taking over the world to enslave regular humans scheme. Maybe declare central banks to be criminal organizations? Or, what’s your take on it? Personally I am not a fan of money that comes with debt attached. Kind of like accepting that free cig from the big guy in the holding tank.

But, like I say, your choice. Where to begin… and how to proceed. All yours.

We’ll be waiting…


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