A Time of Miracles

January 31, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

All the scars on my body are disappearing. Several terrible marks are already gone, as if they never were. When I think of them or visualize what they used to look or feel like, it is as if these were someone else’s scars.

I cannot explain this, except in terms of physics and quantum entanglement theory.

Even the very worst scars are vanishing day by day until they are perhaps a twentieth of their former size and form; thick, sinuous ugly scars reduced to fading pencil-thin lines.

Now, I am no stranger to miracles. My broken hunched back was restored by a miracle, and I have been told since then that I have the back of a thirty year-old.

But that was a particular event caused by a particular Healer coming into my life and addressing the pain. This is something different. This is happening spontaneously.

All by itself, my body is rewriting the physical traumas I have suffered and is deleting the scars.

And if the scars are going, are the underlying experiences and traumas going too?

All I can tell you is that scars I have carried for decades are disappearing and all that is left behind is firm unblemished skin.

Welcome to a time of miracles. If this is happening spontaneously for me without me even asking, imagine how much more can now be done for those who ask? And who truly need healing of wounds?

All who are broken in body, mind, and spirit, ask for healing now.

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