Biden Bye-Bye?

January 13, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

Just got in more reports of National Guard being called up and Russian subs targeting continuance of government sites.

NATO says Ukraine asked to join NATO as a counterbalance against Russian aggression and they won’t exclude Ukraine from NATO membership.

Ukraine says Joe Biden sent 20,000 Mercenaries in and tried to topple and replace their Government in a CIA- style coup d’etat that failed, but created a tremendous stink. This pushed the Ukraine Government firmly back into the Russian sphere of influence and makes its NATO membership unlikely.

Russia demanded from NATO that Biden be replaced and France supported them in this. They are trying to replace Biden with Al Gore.

This solution appeased France and Russia and averted threats from their side, but it’s not selling well.

The excuse being given is that Gore was cheated out of the 2000 election by the Bush Machine, so he should be President now—- but nobody here is buying that.

Even people who don’t like Biden at all see Gore as an EU tool and the entire situation as improper and fishy.

Maybe this is what it takes to wake people up to the fact that what is posing as their government is a foreign for-profit government services corporation?

The good news is that war has been averted. The bad news is the possibility of waking up to “President Gore” in the morning.

I keep telling people that this nonsense won’t stop until they commit to studying their own history and do the work of self-governance.

If you want something done right….. you gotta do it yourselves and you have to follow your own history, provide your own provenance, and enforce your own law.

This is not an occasion for fear or further confusion. People all over the world are waking up to the same or very similar realizations that their public employees have “gone into business for themselves” and more or less overthrown the national governments they are supposed to serve.

The only way to prevent this is to carry your own water and staff your own government.

Macron could make the bid to do this Switcheroo because France owns a large amount of US, INC. stock. As a shareholder he considers Biden a liability and he is no doubt right about that.

Nobody I know would be sad to see Biden go, and nobody would be glad to see Gore come, because neither one have our interests at heart and neither one cares two farts about this country.

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