Clarification for Trump and the U.S. Military

June 08, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

Part of what was destroyed in the Civil War was the Confederation of States — (actually, States-of-States belonging to the States, not States at all) formed under The Articles of Confederation.

Our American Federal Subcontractor, known as the States of America, or more popularly, The Federal Republic, was also left inoperable.
It has stood vacant since 1860.

So our British Would-be Overlords hit upon The Plan to ditch their own bankrupt governmental services corporation, offload their debts on the American people (again) and substitute their organization for our Federal Republic. Just wiggle into position and pretend to be us — steal our identity, and skate on.

This Plan was well on its way to being implemented, with nobody the wiser, least of all the rank and file officers and enlisted, or the American General Public, but, there’s a fly in the ointment, a kink in the hose, and an international objection in the air.

We, those who adopt and accept and uphold our political status as plain old American people, have been usurped and imposed upon by our Employees one too many times. And our civilian government is in Session in all fifty States as it has been for the last three years.

Meantime, both the US, INC and the USA, Inc., or what has filled those British Crown and Municipal Service shoes since the last round of bogus planned bankruptcies, have again gone bankrupt in hopes of off-loading their debts on the clueless, helpless “franchises”.

Purportedly, we are all magically transformed into franchises like Dairy Queen franchises as a result of undisclosed adhesion contracts foisted off on our Mothers when we were babies in our cradles and Voter Registrations.

Goes to show you just how low the Brits and their Holy Roman Empire collaborators will stoop.

What they could never win by force of arms they have contrived to win by guile.

And, how could we object, when neither we nor our Mother or Father were told a word about these cozy arrangements?

We have been defrauded. Our identity has been stolen. And these cretins who owe us “Good faith and service” have twisted things around to misrepresent us as their indentured servants and/or slaves.

They hoodwinked all of you even worse than the rest of us.

They gave you the idea that you were signing up to be part of an “honorable soldiery” to protect and defend your country, but instead, you were signing up to be ultra-cheap commercial mercenaries instead.

Did you all know that PFCs and beginning Airmen and Privates in the Army haven’t had a raise in pay since the 1970’s? Fifty years without a pay raise? Do you know that you’ve been used as lab rats and farmed out to foreign dictators and even drug cartels? Hmm?

Join Pope Benedict who famously said, “Nobody told me!”

The Rest of Us are telling you now. Listen up. That contract you signed obligating you to “serve” isn’t worth the paper it’s written on for lack of full disclosure and it is certainly not a license to kill. The foreign “governmental services corporation” you are working for doesn’t have a contract with us, the actual American Government.

Oh, yes, the Principals are still obligated to provide service under the provisions of the Constitutions (all three of them) but your specific corporation doesn’t have a contract and can’t act as a Successor because: (1) it chose to go bankrupt and break the chain of succession it had established the last go around, and (2) the civilian government of this country has objected to any assumption of Successorship.

We are sick and tired of all this criminality and fraud and “secrecy” and abuse of ourselves and our goodwill and our property assets by organizations and people who owe their Employers and Benefactors “good faith and service”. The only reason there is any secrecy involved is that those promoting this continuing behavior are making money off of it, at everyone else’s expense. Yours, too.

So the bad news is, you are acting in an illegal capacity as a cheap hired commercial mercenary and used as a lab rat. The good news is that the contract you autographed obligating you to do this is worthless. And the Rest of Us have caught up to the Shinola Pushers known as Bar Attorneys and Politicians at last.

I’ve been told that your Generals and Admirals are all standing around letting the criminals run rampant, waiting for Mr. Trump to “act” — just like Lincoln “acted as” Commander-in-Chief, but he’s in a sticky-wicket, too, as the CEO of yet another British Crown Corporation in the business of providing governmental services — without a contact to do so — he has no firm authority or foundation allowing him to proceed. And he certainly can’t sneak into the vacant American Federal Republic at the head of a British Crown Corporation and pretend that “a” Federal Republic is the same as “The” Federal Republic, can he?

Not with several million Americans watching.

No, you will wait a long time for Mr. Trump to act on that opportunity.

Now what?

You can do what we, the civilian government, told you to do two and a half years ago. You can come home and bring all five branches of the American Armed Forces with you. It’s just a name change and a new piece of paper away, but until your leaders wake up and stop listening to British Admiralty Attorneys as their font of wisdom, your lives and our country will continue to go to ruin in front of your faces.

Mr. Trump needs to negotiate a contract for you to act as the American Armed Forces.

He signs. We autograph. The deal is done. You’re back in the saddle, redefined as an honorable soldiery for the first time in a 157 years, fully funded, and agreeably assigned to rid us of the vermin infestation that has plagued our country for a century and a half.

The rotten middle men at SERCO are seizing our money to pay you, and misdirecting you to abuse us— the people you are supposed to serve and protect.

We’d rather pay you direct and come to an understanding about your job duties. We can provide our own Quartermaster and Paymaster.

Please contact:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994 Big Lake, Alaska 99652
[email protected] (907) 250-5087

PS: To any foreign government loony enough to think that we are helpless and disarmed because of any of this, think again. Our boys are still on duty and frustrated enough to enjoy blowing something to smithereens.

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