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July 28, 2021

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

People have been calling, writing, and asking — the Assembly in my State was dissolved. What does that mean? Is my paperwork voided? Is everything else at a standstill? What can I do to help us get back on the road home?

First, the only States impacted are Michigan and Texas. Both of these State Assemblies have been dissolved as a corrective and protective measure, albeit, for different causes.

Second, this action does not change, alter, or void your paperwork. It is still safe and sound on the public record, according to my most recent information.

There may be some cases in Michigan that will need to be re-recorded, but your original paperwork will be honored and any necessary work will be done at no additional cost.

Third, the effort to reorganize and properly train new Coordinators and Recording Secretaries is in full swing. The new Coordinator Teams will be fully briefed and back in action soon, meetings will resume, and the people in both States will have a new chance and a clean slate.

Fourth, for reasons that I have explained most recently in “Success” we have a different business model and it is a model that hasn’t been in common use for decades. As a result, everyone has to learn how their Assembly is supposed to function and how power is shared in an American Assembly — which is different from anything we have experienced in the corporate world.

Fifth, these are Big Changes — changes in the way we do business, in the way we treat each other, and in the way we view the world. There is no “power” to grapple for, no positional authority to seize and control and use as leverage over others and over the Assembly as a whole. These attitudes, activities, and assumptions have to go. If we wanted to live in Corporate America, we would have stayed in the District Assemblies and continued to operate as they do.

Sixth, in addition to people trying to employ inappropriate corporate business models to our Assemblies, we have some actual infiltrators trying to misrepresent our Assemblies as storefronts for insurrection, and to label us “domestic terrorists” and so on. We all have to mind our mouths and our business operations to make it clear that we are Americans doing our Public Duty, and nothing else.

Seventh, we are cleaning up the situations that developed in Michigan and Texas and inviting the people in both States to step forward and take back control of the Assembly apparatus with a clean slate and clear pathway going forward.

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