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January 09, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz

A nation exists quite apart from physical countries and national borders.

Observe the Romany people, also known as Gypsies. No border matters to them. Where they are is where they are, and wherever they are, they are Romany. Because of their distinctive traveling lifestyle many people assume that they have no home country, but they do—- a very ancient country with a unique past: Romania.

And the Romany are not always travelers. They have been known to settle down and build mammoth cities, like Rome.

The tales of Rome being founded by Trojans who survived the sack of Troy are true in a sense, because the Trojans and Northern Greeks and Bulgarians and Romanians are all kin and they all contributed to the building of Rome—- but the Romany most of all.

Their ethnic and cultural ties to the Trojans made them fierce enemies of the mainland Greeks, a fact made manifest when the Romans sacked Greece and turned it into a vassal state of Rome.

Just as America was named after the French Amoricans, Rome was named after its Romanian founders.

This is no mystery in either case, but as obvious as these historical facts are, they and all the relationships they give rise to, remain hidden in plain sight. They are never taught in school.

A casual observer naturally wonders— why not?

Other mysteries would be unraveled, and mysteries can be very convenient.

If one follows the money, particularly from the time of Alexander the Great, it becomes glaringly apparent that the wealth of Rome derived from the Trojans and their relatives— literally, and did not arise from Italy. It came overland from the East.

And the Trojan Hoard that took thirty years to pack to Roman was not the result of Roman conquest per se, but was instead a matter of the Romany and their relatives moving their bases westward. The Trojan Hoard was not so much “discovered” as quietly revealed in the course of moving it to Rome.

And then, of course, it quickly disappeared again, “lost” to history.

The Greeks are usually credited with the concept of city-states, but Troy was a city-state when the Greek city-states were in their infancy. City-states had their genesis far deeper in the past and to the East, in Babylon, Persia, the Levant, and Anatolia.

More than three thousand years ago (allowing for the 1100 years of western history gratuitously erased by St. Jerome at the Council of Nicea) the wealth of these ancient Near Eastern City-States, plus all the loot secured by Alexander moved west to Rome, and there it has stayed ever since.
Until now.

The history is very complex, especially during the more recent development of the Ottoman Empire and the fall back to the Eastern Empire after the Visigoths sacked Rome in the West—- but in all cases, it is impossible to understand the history, relationships, and wealth of western civilization, without understanding Troy and the people who are the ethnic and cultural descendants of Troy —- the Founders of Rome.

As the wealth moved to Rome, so did the action, first the Roman Emperors and later the Emperors of the Church, the Popes, became the Arbiters of Destiny—- and along the way they made some startling discoveries.

Their own gold and silver was worth more if they kept everyone poor, so they espoused poverty as a virtue.

Women have a different kind of value system that is more practical and less given to idolatry, so women had to be suppressed.

The list goes on and is there for anyone to observe.

For now, it is enough to observe that the Trojan Hoard has been stolen from the Romanians and is being deployed all over the globe—- and despite the fact that the Church was only one Trustee among many, the Church will be blamed for all the other failures to face facts and do the right thing.

We are returning our joint claims to the military, and if the situation is not rectified, a third gold hoard will be deployed.

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