The Deception – The Quasi Trust Law System

Below are the video source with timestamp by Romley Stewart, showing and proving how Surname, Family name, and Last Name was the black-magic hook engineered by the criminals of the Vatican (Roman Empire), to defraud and kidnap people legally into their Corpus Juris. The hook is being applied on mankind world wide at born time, the perfection of this crime was engineered by Vatican Criminals on 1230 A.D and is known by: The Quasi Trust Law System

And, even a “Christian Name” such as “Joe Adams” which Romley Stewart was referring to is a trap as well. However, I believe we can collapse their Corpus Juris satanic system by going back to our Man and Woman original naming convention system, that is “Son of or Daughter of” naming system.

Across the divine books of God till his last book Quran, God never called Jesus as (Jesus Marian “SMITH”), rather, he called him Jesus son of Mariam, peace be up on his mother and his soul.

Therefore, I, strongly believe that “Son of Mariam or Daughter of Mariam” naming convention for our lawful naming is the lawful way to call our sons and our daughters as God wants it and NOT as the perfect crime of Quasi Trust Law System wants it.

Backup link for Justinian Deception

You might be asking what on earth does Corpus or Corpse mean? Are corporations, persons, and body of citizens entities considered corpse a.k.a dead bodies? And, since citizens, corporations, and persons are considered dead bodies, don’t they need Corpus Juirs a.k.a Dead Jurisdiction in order to manage them? You guessed it, yes they do!

The criminals of the Vatican, especially, the Roman Catholic Church (Acts as religious cover up for the Roman Empire Civil Rules and Procedures), did the job perfectly in that regard, and, they perfected the crime. Those demons created the most horrific above ground human-trafficking-system, using their civil-lie-zed (civilized) cities as pirate base, and, they wrapped it up with the Deception of Quasi Trust Law, hence, Perfecting their Crime.

The Vatican Perfect Crime literally kidnapping everyone being born in the so called “City Hospitals” into the Sea Jurisdiction as Corporations, all without the pair-rents (parents) consent, and to be more precise, they are trafficking people at birth time into their Corpus Juirs, a.k.a the Dead Jurisdiction. Therefore, there was a need for a database hook, that is the Surname, Last Name, and Family Name hook.

The criminals of Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church with the help of the Khazar or Khazarian Mafia used the most powerful Psychological Warfare weapon against mankind, that is Name Stealing with fabricated narratives and stories using Half Truth and Half Agendas. The Vatican created most of the man made Religions books, all based on half Truth and mostly Lies. Talmud was created for Jewish, thousands copies of Bible created for Christians, and of course, they have not forget about Muslims.

You might ask, so what about Islam? Well, they could not manipulate the Quran book for various reasons, but, they were able to create and fabricate narratives and attach it the Prophet Mohammad, his household, or his companions, which in return opened a door to create a color of Islam such as the Wahhabism and Salafi version of Islam. Most fabricated narratives are called “Hadith” in Arabic. However, you will find too many authenticated Hadith proven by the Quran itself to be valid, but you need to do your own research and not believe every hadith being said. And, through time, the criminals were able create thousands of fabricated Hadith, organized in books and volumes, and was shared with people as authenticated Hadith.

Most people around the world are ignorant of the various  criminality of Vatican and their banking system, and believe that Vatican is only an innocent place dedicated only for God worship, where in reality, it’s the core of hidden New Roman Empire running the global banking system.

With “Fabricated Hadith” volumes, the Vatican criminals were able to create another type Bible or Talmud, but this time dedicated only for Muslims, dividing them to unknown number of sects, all using heresy and what Abu Hurayra said. For example, when you speak to a Muslim man or women, especially those who were raised under a Salafi or Wahhabism government/corporation, they consider their Hadith volumes such as Abu Hurayra as holly as the Quran itself, and some of them can’t even explain some Quran versus without referring and going back to the so called Hadith Volumes.

According to website, Abu Hurayra narrated 5,374 hadiths. Oh Yeah, are you serious?! Am I suppose to believe this crap? The criminals of Vatican could not even find another fictitious name to pick, the irony here that it was obvious and easy to detect, and still, people never thought for a second what does Abu Hurayra mean. It means the father of a Cat. None of the Arabs back then and nowadays will accept by any shape or form to call himself  “The father of a Cat”.

Bottom line, there was no way for the Khazarian Mafia and their Vatican to carry on their perfect crime without first creating various types of man made religions, all based on half truth and half lies, therefore, and through his-story (history) the heresy stories resulted the following: 65,000 pages of Talmud were fabricated, which represent the most Satanic and evil book ever made by the KM cult; 3,500 copies of Christian Bibles, which represent the biggest psyop ever made by the name of Jesus, and, of course, the 5,374 fabricated Hadiths by Abu Hurayra — all those satanic fabricated volumes are based on Half Truth and Half Lies which make them till this day, the most powerful Name Stealing Operation and the most powerful Psychological Warfare ever waged against mankind.

Brothers and sisters, regardless what belief you belong to, I urge you to question everything, and remember that only the creator, Allah almighty God guides to the lawful righteous truth.

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