Message for Texians

Feb 27, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

And here is what I sent back to Adam Cranston and also now to you. I am not going to waste my time arguing with you about this, Ed. The Proof is in the Pudding….

Texas exists and was enrolled as a State of the Union under the Northwest Ordinance like every other Territorial State of State in the Western United States effective October 1, 2020. This was long delayed as a result of the actual States of the Union not being in Session— the land and soil jurisdiction States could not be enrolled without their action, but the job finally got done almost two years ago.

Texas, Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Minnesota, West Virginia and numerous other States that were set up as Territorial States of States during and after the Civil War are now officially enrolled as States and have all the rights, duties, powers, and prerogatives of all the other Sovereign States of the Union.

Nine-tenths of what has had you guys stomping around mad was caused because you were living under the British Territorial Government instead of being accorded all the rights you were supposed to have as Americans living in a State of the Union.

Well, the rest of us finally woke up and took care of that long overdue piece of housekeeping and there is no doubt in the world that Texas, the State, does exist and is fully recognized as such.

Any idea that you have that this process was incorrect, unlawful, illegal, or anything else needs to be checked at the door. This is the same way that Wisconsin and Ohio became States and it is the way established by the original States of The United States of America in Congress Assembled for this to occur under the auspices of the Northwest Ordinance which is one of our Four Organic Laws.

So contrary to the Bushwah you have been thinking and teaching others, Texas is a State of the Union properly enrolled and my process will work as well in Texas and Hawaii as it will anywhere else including Alaska.

And believe me, given the fact that I live in Alaska, I have studied this issue and it’s remedy exhaustively and conclusively and as loathe as they were to let go of their custodial grip on our States, every single dog in the Department of Justice had lick to my feet.

Not that that should be necessary among friends…

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