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Aug 03, 2021

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

We all have the absolute right to correct mistakes, so long as we recognize that we made a mistake. This is a case in point.

I have just been informed that various State Assemblies have “signed on” to “State Charters” — one thing that a valid State Assembly can never do. I am admittedly frustrated that this has happened in view of the many times that I have explicitly told everyone that our State Assemblies are unincorporated, therefore, not chartered in any way, shape or form.

Let me reiterate for (it seems) the thousandth time:

State Maryland State State Maryland State The State of State The State of Maryland the State of State the State of Maryland the STATE OF STATE the STATE OF MARYLAND Maryland, in the example above, is a State. It is free, sovereign, independent and never incorporated. The Maryland Assembly populates this State of the Union. Now look at the next entity, which has been the cause of the present confusion — the entity called “Maryland State”. Notice that this construction is odd and it sounds like there is something missing — Maryland State WHAT? This is the Maryland State Trust that was formed by the Territorial United States Government after the Civil War, to contain all the assets of the State while the State Government was “absent” and “in interregnum”.

This is how the British Government pretended to have a custodial interest and also has pretended that we are all “Wards of the State” and of the Queen. Some of our Assemblies and Assemblymen have made the mistake of signing these State Charters and unwittingly subjecting themselves (again) as property belonging to the State, but being “administered” by the British Territorial Government. In other words, they fell into the trap again.

Everyone who has signed any kind of “State Charter” needs to immediately rescind and repeal their action and explicitly say that they made a “mistake” and did not intend to submit themselves or their State of the Union as any property subject to administration by the Territorial United States.


This has to be done as quickly and expeditiously as possible and can be accomplished by the same voting process as created the problem in the first place.

This situation again points out the problem of following “gurus” who know certain pieces of the puzzle, but not all of it, and further necessity of making sure that our Federation legal experts have a chance to review all such actions BEFORE they are taken.

Even very smart people who have studied these issues for years make mistakes that can be horribly costly if they are left uncorrected.

This is why I responded so violently to the idea of State Assemblies “chartering” themselves and the reason that all of you need to study —hard— so that you are not confused and unwittingly consigning yourselves to British enslavement rackets. I am thoroughly upset, but you all have the legal and lawful right to correct mistakes, especially mistakes made because of deceptively similar names being applied to numerous entities.

The impacted State Assemblies need to get busy and correct any action taken to approve any “state charter” or signing onto any pre-existing “state charter”.

Anna Maria

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