Vox Populi – STATE OF GEORGIA, INC. Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#3

January 13, 2023

Note by O’Believers:

STATE OF GEORGIA, INC. is a fictitious entity a corporation owned by New York Stock Exchange and the Vatican bank.

D-U-N-S Number link for STATE OF GEORGIA, INC.


STATE OF GEORGIA, INC. is  a company with Key Principle and it can be owned by anyone one including Klaus Schwab the WEF.

Hello U.S., Inc. and U.S.A., Inc. Citizens, wake the hell up and Correct your status. We have all been infiltrated and captured.

Company Description: Key Principal: Brian Kemp Industry: Governors' office , Executive offices, State government

Name: Brian Kemp Title: Governor

As you know, we are not talking about Georgia State, rather, we are addressing a company, a corporation called STATE OF GEORGIA, INC., impersonating Georgia State as de-facto corporate government. So, if you are new to all this, browse this site and visit The American States Assemblies to know more about the great fraud.

The following advisory News Letter, was copied from clif high’s News Letter “Legislator Be Advised” series, and adjusted to address the STATE OF GEORGIA, INC. Legislator as well.

Vox Populi – Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#3


Well, there goes the Narradigm….

A ‘narradigm’ is the operational paradigm in the normie mind. It is the normie’s POV & basis for all their decisions on a daily basis.

The ‘narradigm’ is a paradigm that is created, not by education, and cumulative experience of the world forming a cohesive understanding of the reality encompassing us, but rather, the narradigm is worn into the normie’s mind by constant, and endless repetition of a narrative designed to support and enhance a specific agenda of an outside organization.

The current narradigm in Washington, and all these other, united States of America, has been a work in progress for at least the last 60 years, ever since the assassination of JFK. This has been a very expensive, and long process, the creation of this current narradigm.

Narradigms are engineered cultural delusions. We are living in the times of the WEF (*world economic forum) narradigm.

The WEF’s narradigm is dying now.

The death of the narradigm will also finish the WEF.

Events seen daily confirm the death of the WEF’s narradigm. We see it in the people’s rejection of WOKE, and CRT globally. We see it in the people’s rejection of the WEF ‘climate change’ hoax. We see it in the awakening to the covid pandemic scam among the populace.

These are all signs of the Cracking, the splintering, of the WEF narradigm.

More proof is easily located in current statistics. How many hundreds of millions of doses of the covid injectibles (not vaccines, the WEF had to change the definition of ‘vaccine’ to get their injections to be ‘legal’) have been destroyed?

All around you, the signs grow larger daily. The US military no longer enforces WEF mandates for #deathshots for a pandemic hoaxed up from statistics and ‘selected’ politicians acting in unlawful, and unconstitutional ways. Another crack in the WEF wall of delusion supported by captured media and controlled social media.

The release of the Twitter files to date has been extraordinarily well received by the normies, waking them in their millions to the corruption endemic in the WEF controlled system in which they labor, and with which the WEF formerly controlled the normies’ paradigm with their narrative.

See now how the Deep State [DS] has released their hellwhores, the media, to finish off the Biden Regime, now that his corruption has tainted it too much for recovery. Yet another crack in the narradigm.

As the Narradigm cracks and splinters and crumbles before their eyes, the WEF has only the recourse of the Coward…denial, fear, and flight.

Look now to their Splendor, on display at their Davos meeting. The finest of foods, the finest of accommodations, the finest forms of travel, and the worst of humanity, all protected by tens of thousands of police, and military as the WEF is just so certain of the reaction of the Populace.

The WEF is certain, absolutely convinced beyond doubt that they can accurately predict the reaction of all people to their plans.

That is why they live imprisoned by their ‘security’.

That is why the WEF lives in fear.

They KNOW.

Legislator, do you know where you are in this manifesting reality? Are you sure you understand what is happening as the WEF Narradigm comes apart, exposing all?

As the FRN, the Federal Reserve Note, dies, so goes the ability of the WEF to bribe, or extort anyone.

Does the word, Apocalypse have meaning for you?

The Great Revealing is upon us! This year IT has begun! For even the youngest among you, none of their days upon this planet will be without the Great Revealing, no matter how long their life.

Remember, Legislator, ALL POWER DERIVES FROM THE PEOPLE. Be guarded in your actions, lest you be judged poorly by the populace as Justice returns to our Constitutional Republic. For surely, you will be judged.

Source: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/crack

Vox Populi – STATE OF GEORGIA, INC. Legislator Be Advised 2023 #3

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