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July 18, 2021

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

I had hoped that people would have sense enough to do this for themselves, but I find that most of them are totally clueless, so have developed a list of Recommended Subcommittees to help them better envision how our American Government is supposed to be organized and how it gets things done. Please see attached and get it out to the Coordinators and posted on the websites.

Recommended Basic Committee Structures

General Assembly Standing Committee of the Whole

General Education Committee

New Member Orientation Committee

Events Committee

Records Committee

Treasury Committee

Oversight Committee

Ombudsman Committee

Vetting Committee

General Elections and Quorum Committee

Office of the Marshal at Arms

International Business Standing Committee

International Security and Education Committee

Congressional Committee

Jural Assembly Standing Committee

Court Venue Committee

Law Education Committee

Jury Pool Committee

Court Oversight Committee

Sheriffs Committee

Coroner’s Office Committee

Litigation Committee

Militia Special Purpose Committee

Membership Committee

Provisions Committee

Education Committee

Operations Committee

General Assembly Standing Committee of the Whole Subcommittees

General Education Committee – produces educational materials and programs for the General Membership and Public.

New Member Orientation Committee – provides support and educational guidance for New Members to overcome prior indoctrination and fear and dependency issues.

Events Committee – plans and executes events, meetings, and elections set up.

Records Committee – assists and oversees Recording Secretaries.

Treasury Committee – assists and oversees Treasury functions.

Oversight Committee – provides general oversight and forum for complaints.

Ombudsman Committee – provides conflict resolution and arbitration services.

Vetting Committee – approves membership and reviews candidate eligibility.

General Elections Committee – handles notices and candidate publications, sets dates,promotes participation in elections, provides ballots, poll watchers, and ballot security.

Office of the Marshal at Arms – ensures safety and decorum at all meetings and events; caretakes the flag, works with the Elections Committee to secure ballots.

International Business Standing Committee

This Committee is composed of State Citizens and is responsible for conducting international business for the Assembly, including setting up the State of State organization needed to complete Reconstruction of the Confederation and Federal Republic.

International Education and Security Committee – reads and assesses international and global news and trends, keeps up with security issues and concerns, is briefed on international issues impacting the States of the Union, may make presentations and recommendations to the General Assembly.

Congressional Committee – vets candidates for Congressional offices in The Continental Congress and once the Reconstruction is complete, will also vet candidates for the United States Congressional Delegation, will receive nominations, publish election notices, conduct elections for these offices, provide ballots, and secure and announce the election results.

Jural Assembly Standing Committee

Court Venue Committee – seeks accommodations for the Courts to hold Session, negotiates use of our public buildings for this purpose, serves Notice that our Public Courts are restored, invokes Ex Parte Milligan, 2 US 71.

Law Education Committee – evaluates educational opportunities to familiarize members of the Assembly about our Public Law and its administration past and present.

Jury Pool Committee – develops pools of competent and eligible Jurors to serve on both Trial Juries and Grand Juries, administers selection of Jurors, reimbursement of expenses, and other issues related to maintaining and caring for Jurors.

Court Oversight Committee – provides necessary oversight of the Public Court System and its operations to ensure fairness and proper procedures, investigates claims of malfeasance, incompetence, or bias.

Sheriffs Committee – works with the County Sheriffs to evaluate and bring forward the concerns of the Assembly County Sheriffs to better assist them in the performance of their duties.

Coroner’s Office Committee — takes on the oversight functions for the Coroner’s Office, investigates complaints and works with the Coroner and his staff to improve their service and capabilities, recordkeeping, and end of life services.

Litigation Committee – works with Assembly Members who have active litigation concerns to assist them with asserting their position with respect to the foreign courts and educating them to avoid entrapment.

Militia Special Purpose Committee

Membership Committee – evaluates candidates and vets them for specific jobs within the Assembly Militia, seeks to encourage participation in the Militia, understanding of the Militia’s role, and support of the Militia’s functions.

Provisions Committee – acts as the Quartermaster for the Militia, evaluates needs and means to meet those needs for equipment and other provisions needed to carry out Militia duties.

Education Committee – develops tests and educational materials and programs to train Militia members.

Operations Committee – develops short and long-term operational goals for the State Assembly Militia, creates plans to implement projects and goals, evaluates Militia readiness, acts as oversight for the Militia, works with the Ombudsman’s Office to resolve complaints related to the Militia and Militia Service, works with the Peacekeeping Task Force to coordinate joint operations, when appropriate, with Constitutional Sheriffs and with Continental Marshals Service personnel.

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