Why Seniors Are Targeted and Why Fear is Not an Option

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

 By Anna Von Reitz

Putting it bluntly — seniors rack up incredible medical bills the last three years of their lives on average.  This is partially due, of course, to the padding of “medical costs and services” by corporations that should never have been allowed to function as for-profit entities.  It is nonetheless the reality of life, that the last three years of our lives tend to be painful, debilitating, debasing, and — for the med-tech giants, highly profitable. 

So they want us to live as long as possible, as miserably as possible, so that they can milk the cash cow for all we are worth—- literally. 

It is this, not any respect for life, not any kind of compassion, that drives the spear through the heart of any legislation allowing people to make their own end-of-life decisions when faced with irreversible and terminal illness. It is also what truncates making funds available for hospice care and caretaker respite programs.  

It’s nothing but corporate greed and profiteering that serves to make our end of life experience so nasty and needlessly painful.  As long as you are breathing they can charge you for their goods (pills, liquids, medical equipment and services) and as ending that gravy train is not in their economic best interest, they will keep you alive — regardless of the quality of your life, to the bitter end. 

For many of us, it is simply torture prolonged. 

On the other side of the coin lurks the “government” corporations that are paying for the average person’s end of life medical care, and they have exactly the opposite set of motivations.  They want you to die quickly and quietly the moment you are no longer “productive”, so that they can keep a larger percentage of “your” public trust funds for their use and abuse. 

This is also what prompts them to so joyously and eagerly expend funds for abortions.  They still get a kickback and a trust fund for every unique set of DNA that comes into existence, regardless of whether or not it is ever manifest as a separate living being.  If they can assign it a name, they can cash in —-and they do.   Abortion for them is a win-win situation — get the money without the expense, control the size and quality of the “herd”, and do it with consent of the victim’s Mother, so that you can blame her for it all.  

If the Mother is poor, desperate, and black — so much the better.  The elitists in charge of this mass murder and “eugenics enterprise” don’t like people of color, even their own color.  

And so far as that’s concerned, forget the deaths purportedly caused by viruses of any kind at all.  The leading cause of death in America is abortion. 47 million babies worth, and more to come, because of profit margins and greed and complete mindless lack of moral compass.  

See how insidious and profit-driven this is?  See why it is crucial that corporations –and the men running them– be reformed?  And disciplined? Severely? 

If you want a Bogey Man to be afraid of, be afraid of corporations — mindless, heartless, faceless, profit-driven THINGS that pretend and act as if they are alive; any Frankenstein or cannibal Zombie would be put to shame, if compared to Pepsi-Co, Standard and Poors, or Wells Fargo. Any dragon, godzilla, or ET would be left flat-footed in the Boardroom of Lockheed-Martin, Tesla, Inc., SERCO, or Raytheon. 

Yet, fear is not an option when confronted with Legal Fictions. Though they can and do destroy life, and both the meaning and the quality of life, —because they are themselves dead things, they cannot stand the light of day or bear the force of a lawful court.  

And this above and beyond every other consideration is why we must turn our attention toward using the tools at our disposal to discipline and when necessary, to destroy run-amok corporations— including “government” corporations. 

Cowering in your bed with the covers pulled up over your head won’t deter the IRS or FEMA from making false claims against your presumed-to-exist Municipal ESTATE —and rooking you into paying them.  Doing absolutely everything the government corporations tell you to do, exactly the way they tell you to do it, won’t give you any safety.  Paying that mortgage for 30 years, plus interest, won’t mean that you own your own house.  

These for-profit corporations are determined to make money off of you, your assets, your very existence.  They exist to suck you dry, and that’s all there is to it.  They are the real-life vampires, and that’s putting it nicely.  

So if you want to control corporations, you must deprive them of their profit-motives, and develop and use better means to provide oversight, and we must engender corporation-killing legislation above and way beyond measures like the Sherman Antitrust Act  or Taft-Hartley Act or Logan Act.  

We, as living beings, need Silver Bullets– absolute means to destroy corporations that trespass against us, no questions asked.  Just dead. Defunct. Liquidated for Cause.  Corporate veil ripped asunder.  Controlling shareholders, officers, and board members disgraced in public, their holdings and “personal” property confiscated to compensate the victims. 

That’s what we need and being afraid won’t get the job done.  Neither will crying and whining to the Board Members — the members of ‘Congress’ — who are promoting and profiting from all this nightmarish abuse.  Neither will bringing suits against them in their own courts avail us anything.  

No, the only way to bring these corporations back in line is to exercise our own courts and Military Tribunals to deny them the profits from their misdeeds and punish the perpetrators of these corporate crimes against humanity. 

I still believe that tearing apart just one major corporation, and doing a really good job of it,  would do a world of wonders — and serve to jerk the others back in line. 

The corporations need to taste the sword of having their charters burned and their articles outlawed, their shareholders exposed as the greedy, mindless, profit-seeking morons they are, their officers arrested as criminals, and their board members sacked, not eligible for rehire, all of them deprived of all privileges allowing them to incorporate or license or patent anything at all, ever again—- and most important, all of their personal property and accounts confiscated, so that they cannot profit from murdering, poisoning, deceiving, cheating, bringing False Claims in Commerce or otherwise harming anyone ever again.    

Let the paper carnage begin.  

Source: Why Seniors Are Targeted and Why Fear is Not an Option PDF

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