From We the People to Klaus Schwab and his Masters

You are loosing! You will be captured, brought to justice, and executed. This time is different than all millennia passed by. Your fraud, tricks, manipulation, along with the black-magic you have used throughout the history, will not work anymore as you expected. If someone else is trying to tell you or sell you otherwise, you are being fooled.

You are loosing and here is why:

1. Technology in its core is against you, i.e the Internet as sword of two blades has finally helped the people to track most of the pieces associated with your ancient parasitic evil system. The amount of information that have been exploded across the Internet for the passed two decades explains your draconian control and censorship.

2. You have been exposed! your con-games have been exposed mostly at all levels, it was exposed at a level that has never been recorded in history before. So, it is beyond your control! Therefore, you won’t be able to manipulate the history books anymore or hide behind your name-stealing fraud.

3. Public Law Courts: There are millions of people around the world correcting their political-status, hence they will finally be able to form Jural Assemblies and bring all of you to the Public court houses for justice. Rest assured that the public law courts will have no mercy on you, on your corporations, nor on your corporate government’s elites mercenaries, whom mostly are complicit in your great reset mega-crimes.

Every stupid move you make will only expedite the process to get you finally executed and wiped out from the surface of the Earth!

From We the People to Klaus Schwab and his Masters

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