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Feb 22, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

People ask me — why do you do this? Meaning, why do I openly discuss ancient Earth history and alien presences? Why do I admit to being something “more” than a woman?

When Joshua taught you, he taught in parables and he hid many things from the public, because hardly anyone was ready to hear such things.

An entire Age and more has passed, and you are no longer such babies anymore. You must be prepared to do what I do. That means knowing what I know. So, I speak openly. I share correspondence about things that shock you. I observe things that shock you. I know things that shock you.

The plain fact is that you can’t defend yourselves, enforce the law, or manage this planet, if you are left in ignorance of your own nature and the nature of the Universe— and I am not always going to be incarnate. So learn now.

Picture in your mind the shell of a Chambered Nautilus. These are the large, spiral- shaped shells, where each chamber is the same shape and proportion as the prior chamber, only larger.

This is an apt visual representation of this Universe, only instead of the chambers being made of shell, they are made of frequencies and vibrations that form natural octaves of sound, radiance, magnetism, and so on.

Each such chamber is a world in and of itself, and, whether you know it or not, you — yourself — exist in a different form in each of these chambers. Your consciousness also occupies a much broader range than you imagine throughout these chambers, and in this world, too.

I happen to be a seraph in higher realms, but each of you also have forms in higher worlds, too. Likewise, I am Ana, but in the expanse of her consciousness throughout this Universe, she has many expressions; I am not the only vessel of the Great Mother, even though I am unique and beloved.

These are all things that you have yet to discover about yourselves as a race and about yourselves as individuals, but it begins with understanding the physical nature of the Universe you live in and the multi-layered, multi-faceted nature of your own Being within it.

In the days to come you will see many strange things that hearken back to things that are spoken of in the scriptures. People all over the world have seen the Wandering Stars, pillars of cloud and pillars of fire, manna has appeared in the desert, signs have appeared in the Heavens, soon you will see many spaceships — UFO’s, too, and there will be a great deal of coming and going as the Earth is purified of ugly energy and foreigners that shouldn’t be here.

This is routine and happens every time an Age of the Precession changes, about every 2,600 years, but as nobody alive now has seen this housecleaning and as records of it have been routinely suppressed by the Martian refugees and the renegade “Saturnine Brotherhood” who seized power here, everyone is unprepared for it.

Without you knowing it, a great deal of purification work has already been accomplished. Vast amounts of dark energy contained in energy reservoirs has been drained, smuggling operations shut down, wars and attacks prevented, seals— which restrict the natural flow of energy on the planet— have been removed, and the “climate changes” that result, along with other serious biosphere issues caused by pollution of various kinds are being addressed.

More will be done before this transition process to the Age and influence of Aquarius is finished, and just so you know, though the bulk of this work will be done within the next eight years, it will take around 300 years for the whole transition to be established.

Also, there are numerous beings who are not native to this planet who have nonetheless been here a very long time, who have awakened because of the transition and who are available to help. They are contacted telepathically, but can also “hear” words.

You don’t pray to them, you pray only and ever to the Creator, but if you are having trouble, you can directly say things like, “I am in pain and wish for relief.” or “I am hungry and wish for good food.” or “I am in danger and wish for safety.” or “My Mother is sick and wishes for health.”

Make your needs known in very simple language as I have demonstrated, and when you receive what you need, simply say, “Thank you.” and let yourself send back feelings of gratitude.

These senior and ancient beings will be your Helpers in this time of upheaval. They have incredible abilities including the ability to heal, so don’t be shy. Often, they can and will do for us what we ourselves consider impossible. If it is allowed to us to know, they will also teach us things.

They are not God and they are not Angels and don’t wish to be mistaken as such. They wish to be regarded as Helpers or Nurses as the case may be, and be addressed accordingly.

Even though you may not be at all telepathic yourself, you can speak and they will hear. They are here as Servants of God. They love the Earth and they love you and there is nothing to be afraid of and no shame in asking for help.

Those of you who have developed so-called extra-sensory perception and those who have experienced Near Death Experiences and other experiences that have opened your spiritual and emotional capacities, are needed now to focus your attention on joy and peace.

If only slightly more than 1% of the Earth’s population focuses their attention on joy and peace, it will be achieved. All this darkness and threat and ugliness will pass away in the twinkling of an eye.

Those who oppose this result know this, so they strive to keep our attention focused on what they want — perpetual war, famine, disease, etc., that they profit from — using media and music and subliminal messaging to keep us all enslaved to their narrative instead of our own.

The best thing that we can do for ourselves and our planet is to turn off the boob tube, turn off all raucous music, turn off the radio, even do what Jim and I do, and pull the main breaker and turn off the electricity for periods of time.

You will be amazed at how the natural silence returns and how constantly noisy the appliances of a modern house are. This interferes with your ability to focus and concentrate on what you want to think about.

Having rid your environment of their external harangue, pause and just think about your own ideal world, or what I call your “Happy Place”, where everything is beautiful and safe and clean and peaceful. Visualize it. Smell it. Feel it. Let go and be part of it.

Stop focusing on anything but joy and peace and beauty and love. In your own mind’s eye, create the world as you want it to be.

Is it a pristine white sand beach with palm trees and the sweet smell of exotic flowers in the air? Is it a ranch in the west with pipestone mesas and a glorious sunset filling up the whole western horizon? Or maybe a beach cabin in Maine on a summer day, with the sand deep underfoot and the sweet smell of pine trees and blueberry pie and the sea breeze?

Wherever you are on this Earth and no matter what your present condition, you can mentally transport yourself to your own Happy Place. Lying on your back in a hospital room, in a nursing home waiting to die, in a prison where you think you will never see daylight — you can do this.

Impoverished and starving in a mud hut, you can do this.

And as we do this, the Wheels of God shift. All the limits, all the ugliness, all the haranguing drops away, and you discover the Creator within you.

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