Notice to Texas Assembly — Justice Anna Von Reitz

July 14, 2021

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

It is apparent that The Texas Assembly is acting upon several ignorant presumptions.

The first such presumption is that the Assembly Chairperson is a CEO. That is not true. In our jurisdiction and in our American Government, the Assembly Chairperson is a Spokesperson only and enjoys no other executive position or power over other Assembly Officers and Members.

The second such presumption is that Secret Meetings are allowed in American State Assemblies. There are no such provisions. Remember that this is a Public Government. Not a club. Not a corporation.

All members eligible to vote, both ASNs and State Citizens, must be given notice and allowed to attend all General Assembly Meetings and all State Citizens must be given notice and allowed to attend International Business Meetings.

The third such presumption is that The Texas Assembly gets to appoint Coordinators, Temporary or otherwise, for the Federation. That choice and function is not in your wheelhouse. You can recommend someone that you would like as Coordinator, and if that person passes the vetting process, we will honor your request— but it is a request, and we retain the right to appoint all Coordinators.

Coordinators are all Federation Officers. They work for us and under our direction and instruction.

The fourth such presumption is that The Texas Assembly can be seated as a State of the Union without being certified by The United States of America. That is also a misapprehension on the part of a misguided leadership.

Your Assembly like all American State Assemblies must be properly composed of declared and recorded Americans, and must be fully operational and all offices filled, before it can be certified and “fully seated”. It is at that time that you inherit all the rights, titles, and interests. Not until.

Until then, you remain under Federation protection and oversight. If we see you going off track any further, we will simply dissolve the entire Assembly as it now exists, and reorganize with people who are serious about getting it right and staying in their lane.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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