You Got Three Choices — Justice Anna Von Reitz

July 13, 2021

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

You can join the American State Assembly in your State, declare that you are an American (which to most of us is the obvious fact) and identify yourself as a free man or woman who is owed all the guarantees of the respective Federal Constitutions. This is the organization that Americans need to support and belong to in order to enforce their Constitutional guarantees and receive the protection of the Public Law. That’s Choice Number One.

You can join the [Territorial] District Assembly in your State, and declare by doing so that you are a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, a Taxpayer, a Subject of the Queen, and that you are working in some capacity such as a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service (aka, Internal Revenue Agent), and are merely here as a “resident” while working for this foreign British-controlled government.

The word “district” always indicates a foreign government and political structure based out of the District of Columbia. That’s Choice Number Two.

Or, you can join the Municipal District Assembly nearest to where you live, and declare by doing so that you are a slave and a Municipal citizen of the United States, who is voluntarily working in the service of the Roman Pontiff’s Municipal United States Government and donating all that you are and all that you have to it. This, too, admits that you are a TAXPAYER, working within a Municipal “enclave” of the District of Columbia, and staying here as a “resident” on a temporary basis while working for this foreign theocracy. That’s Choice Number Three.

So, now that you know what the choices are and what the choices mean, you are in a far better position to determine which group you naturally belong to.

Ah, but, wait a minute…. you say that yes, you are an American, but…. Many Federal and “federated” State-of-State and County employees initially feel that they are in a big dilemma, because most of the people working for these foreign governments are in fact Americans.

Fear not. The Federales allow Dual Citizenship or Dual Political Status, and while our States allow only one such political status, you can choose to be recognized as an American State National by your State of the Union at the same time as you work for some branch of the Federated Government.

This extends the constitutional guarantees to you and offers you the protection of the Public Law if you claim it, even while working for a district government department or agency of one of these many foreign incorporated “governmental service providers”.

Thus, an American working for either the Territorial United States (military employees and dependents) or the Municipal United States (Federal Civil Service employees and dependents) or Federated State-of-State or Federated County Employees, can retain their constitutional guarantees and protections, but must declare and record their underlying status as an American State National to do so.

You go to your State Assembly and identify yourself as an American State National and “clock in” by declaring and recording your political status as an American. You can then participate in the American State Assembly and vote on local in-state issues, or, you can participate in the other two available district assembly organizations.

Many Federated Government Employees and Government Dependents feel more at home in district assemblies and they are welcome to join them and participate in the political party system and all the rest of the foreign frou-frou-rah —- just remember:

By participating in the foreign district assemblies and joining their political parties, you admit that you are either: (A) a British Territorial Indentured Servant, a Subject of the Queen, and Taxpayer; or, ( a Municipal slave, subject of the Roman Pontiff, and a TAXPAYER.

These foreign political statuses (U.S. Citizen and Municipal citizen of the United States) carry responsibilities and privileges (not rights) with them, including the obligation to give up your right to own land as an American (that gets donated to the Queen or the Pope), the obligation to pay their mortgage on your tenant habitation, the obligation to vote in their foreign political elections, the obligation to pay taxes of all kinds, the obligation to know and obey more than 80 million rules, codes, and statutes.

Seems like a lot of losses and onerous duties to accept in exchange for a paycheck consisting of promissory notes (I.O.U.s) but hey, who are we to make your choices for you?

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