Let’s Make This Really Simple

Monday, December 28, 2020

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Constitutions implement the various Treaty Agreements ending The War of Independence.

All three Constitutions, Federal, Territorial and Municipal are all power-sharing service contracts.

The process of implementation begins in 1787 with … Continue Reading …

Rose – Icke 2 – The Coronavirus Conspiracy How COVID-19 Will Seize Your Rights

The Coronavirus Conspiracy: This is Chapter 2 of video series which shows how COVID-19 Will Seize Your Rights & Destroy Our Economy.  Watch all video episodes on one of our Freedom of Speech Platforms below.

David Icke The Coronavirus Conspiracy: Continue Reading …

Rose – Icke 1 – The Truth Behind The Coronavirus Pandemic, COVID-19, and the Economic Lockdown

This is Chapter 1 of video series which shows the truth behind the Corona Virus pandemic, the so-called Covid-19, and the reasons for the lockdown and the economic collapse that is happening world wide right now!

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The age of Corona: Use the WHO as trap – Last part

It can be said that the global elite class, especially the Chinese branch, with the help of their Western partners of the same class are behind the Corona Virus pandemic, because their interests are simply intertwined with each other. The … Continue Reading …