The Balance of the Issue

Thursday, December 31, 2020

By Anna Von Reitz

Many people have never read any of the Constitutions and even many who have read them have not paid close enough attention to recognize the simple fact that our States are required to use gold and silver coinage, while at the same time, the various bodies of Congress are limited to the use of their good faith and credit.

What this means in practical terms is that we use actual money that has intrinsic value in-and-of-itself — gold and silver coinage or certificates for the same, while they are limited to the use of military script (FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES) or commercial script.

This, in turn, creates a Teeter-Totter, or Hour Glass Economic System, in which the flow of goods and services, and the conversion of debts and credits into actual assets, and vice-versa, drives the economy through a balancing point that must be maintained. 

When one or the other side of the Teeter-Totter gets unbalanced, the whole economy tilts and as we all know, the “heavy end” comes to rest.

When Nixon disconnected the USA DOLLAR (the Territorial Government’s “legal tender”) from gold and silver, and redefined the “standard commodity” backing the USA DOLLAR to be oil, some dishonorable men claimed that he also disconnected their credit system from our monetary asset base, thereby “killing the Constitution”— however, their pre-existing contract continues to obligate them to accept gold and silver from us, and Tricky Dick’s conversion to the Petro-Dollar needs to be viewed for what it is — a completely separate action of “the” United States of America, Incorporated, which merely served to expand its own credit base, by using foreign oil and oil refinery contracts as the new asset base.

Think of it this way—- you have gold and silver and rubies and steers on the hoof and a half dozen hotels and ten cars and a railroad that you control as a Trustee.  These are actual assets in the factual world — and any one of these assets can, in theory, serve as the asset backing a promissory note.

So, Nixon, acting as our “Presumed Trustee”  shifted assets that “the” USA, Inc., was using to back its commercial paper script — it’s promissory notes — from gold and silver to oil.   He used the proverbial hotels instead of the steers or the rubies for backing the USA Promissory Notes..

The US, Inc. also backs its debts by acting as a Trustee of actual assets that exist in the factual world, only the US, Inc. claims to own us— our bodies, our energy, our intellectual property, our “PKIs”, the value of our labor, and our time on Earth—-oh, and our souls.

Mr. Obummer, like Nixon, changed the asset basis of US, Inc. credit back in 2015, by announcing that instead of using Cestui Que Vie Trusts issued in our names, they would be using Public Transmitting Utilities issued in our names. 

instead.  The only visible sign of this change was that people began receiving bills addressed to –for example: STEVEN A GOLDSMITH instead of STEVEN ALLEN GOLDSMITH.

But, please note, we and our States of the Union, are not obligated to pay in anything but gold or silver coinage, and if they choose not to use gold and silver as their asset base, they have no other recourse in dealing with us.

The Teeter-Totter is stopped, and gradually, the balancing point gets shifted so far toward one side of the economic system, that there is no “sand” left in the glass to pour to the other side, no counterbalancing weight to get the Teeter-Totter going again.

Look around you.  What do you see?  The Robber Barons and Corporatists have unlawfully converted everything (and everyone, at least, according to them) into corporations, and nearly all the banks are commercial banks. They have created an Airy-Fairy world for themselves in which they own and control everything, but they have forgotten some important facts.

The Teeter-Totter doesn’t work that way.  When everything is consolidated on the “one percent end”, the whole thing stops flowing.

The idiot bankers who incorporated their banks and thought that becoming a “commercial bank” was such a good idea, are now faced with the fact that they owe all the actual assets to the actual depositors: possession by pirates does not change ownership and fraud vitiates everything — so they, themselves, are caught in the trap they set for others. 

Credit and debt is a two-way street.

As it was their decision to stop using gold and silver, not ours, they bear the cost and have no valid recourse to any of our other assets as the basis of their credit.


They set themselves up as our Trustees and used fraud and False Presumptions to do it.  They converted our relationship with them by doing this and acted in Breach of Trust and commercial contract, and, they have attempted to foist illegal unconscionable and unilateral (one party) contracts off on us, individually, under color of law.

Oops, again.

They had cause to know that they were standing on the land and cause to know what the Law of the Land was—- and is.

Now, they are desperately trying to “vaccinate” everyone in a screwball attempt to “convert” us all into GMO “products” that they can legally claim to own— and we are preparing to drop the commercial kabosh of all commercial kaboshes on them.

So don’t wonder what is going on.

The Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor of London, all of them, owed us “good faith and service” under the terms of the Constitutions, and the moment our backs were turned, they proceeded to misdirect our employees “for” us and began to usurp upon our natural authorities, and to corrupt and replace our courts system with their own courts, and to send in their own private Tax Collectors — the Inquisition, literally— to harass and pillage our country and our people under color of law.

This, while taking their paychecks from our pockets.

It’s no wonder that their corporations are bankrupt.  They were trading on assets that were never theirs to trade upon.  They were acting as Trustees to non-existent trusts.  They were issuing credit and compiling debts “in our names” without our knowledge or consent.  They were using us, their Employers, as chattel backing their debts. And when we had the good sense to question any of this, they impersonated us as enemy combatants in endless illegal commercial “wars” that they were deliberately staging on our shores.

Now, they are trying to make themselves out as “Good Fellows” by handing back individual “payments” of credit, credit that was originally issued against our own assets or otherwise derived from us; and, we will accept these as “gifts” from foreign sources—-and keep right on sorting things out.

I can tell you right now that their plan to turn us all into “ownable” GMO Products is going down the tubes where it belongs, and that meanwhile, you all need to get busy and declare your proper political status and join your State Assembly.

Go to: and get started today.  You have the right to self-govern, but that right is meaningless until you exercise it.

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