About David Straight Once and For All

Feb 23, 2022

By Justice Anna Von Reitz | Big Lake Alaska

David Straight is a U.S. Citizen. He is also an American State National. That’s fine, if that’s the status you want for yourself, too. You can do that.

If you do, you have a limited voice and choice about your own assets and your own country, and you remain a subject of the Queen. You can’t own land here. You will have to pay all her taxes. And you will have to obey her laws.

Now that that is flatly stated and out in the open, you need to think about it. Is that really the political status you want for yourself? Half-American and Half- Brit? Still subject to England?

Most of us said good-bye to that in 1776 and aren’t going back.

So, if that is what you want, declare and publish your American State National status, but don’t join the State Assembly, because you have conflicts of interest. Anyone born in this country can reclaim their birthright political status and regain their Constitutional Guarantees and protections.

Even Federal Employees who are obligated to retain federal citizenship — either as a British Territorial Citizen or as a Municipal citizen of the United States —can drop one of those foreign citizenships and be counted as an American State National by declaring and publishing their American birthright.

Having done that, however, American State Nationals have another choice to make. Should you be a member of the State Assembly or not?

If you are a State National who is retaining British Territorial or Municipal citizenship, you won’t be able to vote on issues where there is any conflict of interest between the State and Federal Government.

I openly recommend that Federal Employees who want to maintain their Federal citizenship and at the same time want to reclaim their Constitutional Guarantees as American State Nationals not join the State Assemblies.

This is because we are on a two-lane road. Americans are going north and U.S. Citizens are going south. Americans are free to stand under the Public Law. U.S. Citizens are forever obligated to the Queen’s Territorial Government and it’s laws. We, the State Assemblies, can extend the protections of the Constitutions to Americans on our soil, but we can’t protect them from the consequences of their voluntary foreign servitude and we don’t want to waste time and energy arguing with them about their choices.

We advise them not to join State Assemblies until and unless they sever those foreign attachments.

So– go in peace, David Straight, and everyone like him.

Live with the consequences of your bargains with foreign governments. Realize that you will never be free while you serve the Pope or the Queen or the Lord Mayor or any foreign power, whether you are an American or not.

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